Esoteric Meaning of the Number 20: A Time For Self-Reflection

Number 20 symbolism. Self reflection

Esoteric symbolism is different from standard symbolism. Esoteric means hidden information that is only known to those with specialist, or secret, knowledge. Esoteric symbolism should not be confused with exoteric symbolism.

Exoteric symbolism is the common belief of a symbol or a literal interpretation. For example, now you are researching the symbolic meaning of the number 20, you will probably learn that the number 20 is the “start of a spiritual journey which will bring success”.

This is nice knowledge to have but is an exoteric interpretation designed to give people hope and encouragement. Essentially, exoteric interpretations in the new age movement tell you what you want to hear. When given by conspiracy theorists, the interpretations are typically warnings about things they think people should know in order to wake up because symbolism is being used by corporations and governments in a subversive way.

Master Mind Content tells you what you need to know to help improve and understand your experience of life. We decode ancient symbolism in relation to psychology and science. We help you understand your subconscious mind, how to tap into your innate power and, if you want, to improve your personality and quality of life.

Whilst exoteric interpretation is not wrong, the descriptions only furnish you with a fragment of the information you need to know. It is a part-truth. Subsequently, the information is misleading.

And that can be harmful. At best it is useless.

Master Mind Content provides you with the full esoteric interpretation of ancient symbolism. In our in-depth articles, we explain how we reach our conclusions, and also provide advice that we hope will help you come to terms with the experiences you are having.

At the very least, we can explain why you are seeing the number 20 right now. And you will learn everything you need to know about the symbolic meaning of the number in this article.

However, if you do need more guidance to understand why the number 20 is recurring in your life at this moment, we encourage you to contact us for a consultation. We are better placed to help you in a face-to-face Skype chat because we can help you reach a decision.

In the meantime, this general overview of the symbolic meaning of the number 20 can be used as a starting point. We trust you will find the information we offer is beneficial to you. 

Find out what you need to do now!

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