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Mother Complex
Decoded Symbolism

The Mother Complex

According to the psychoanalysts, Carl Jung, the root of every psychological complex has an archetype at its centre. We all have a mother complex. Complexes typically take root in childhood,…

six realms of existence in buddhism 
Buddhist Symbolism World Mythology

The Six Realms of Existence in Buddhism 

Early Buddhist writers created a system that explains the realms of existence; heaven, hell and everything in between. The concept has been interpreted literally by some commentators so that people…

Buddhist Symbolism Hindu Symbolism

The Symbolic Meaning of the Conch Shell in Buddhism

Symbols used in Buddhism and other religions have hidden meanings. Organised groups give you one version which is a small piece of the jigsaw. The exoteric meaning you find on…

Christian Symbolism Number Symbolism

The Deeper Symbolic Meaning of the Number 33

In the abbreviated version decoding the symbolic meaning of the number 33, I illustrated in…….

noble eightfold path
Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism

 When Siddhartha Buddha emerged from his moment of enlightenment he realised there were four noble truths of suffering, of which, the final truth incorporates the Noble Eightfold Path. Also known…

20 esoteric symbolism
Number Symbolism

The Esoteric Meaning of the Number 20

Esoteric symbolism is different from standard symbolism. Esoteric means hidden information that is only known to those with specialist, or secret, knowledge. For example, now you are researching the esoteric…