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Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique best known for its use in psychoanalysis. Our expert dream analyst will help you unravel your unconscious mind through dream analysis and interpretation.

The Healing Qualities of Dream Analysis

Interpreting dreams can be highly cathartic. Dreams reveal repressed consciousness, inner-conflict and unconscious desires that are trying to make themselves known to the conscious mind. Dream analysis helps you to make sense of your mind’s content so that you are able to make decisions with confidence, heal and evolve.

Sigmund Freud was so enamoured by the healing qualities of dreams that he labelled dream analysis the “Royal Road”. In symbolism, royalty refers to the highest state of conscious awareness. Dreams pave the way to wholeness. Dream analysis gives you the tools you need .

Interpret the Language of Your Dreams

Dreams are a window into the unconscious mind and offer a wealth wisdom. They tell you a lot about your state of being because unconscious aspects of your True Nature reveals themselves to you in dreams.

However, the content in dreams are a mixture of characters and events that are personal to the dreamer and latent content that appear as symbols. It is therefore, important that your dream analyst understands the symbolic language of the unconscious mind.



How Does Dream Analysis Work?

Some dreams are complex to analyse whilst others are straightforward. A series of dreams can all lead to the same conclusion. The goal of dream analysis is to determine which aspects of your dreams are material, then decipher what the symbolic content is telling you.

During dream analysis, our symbolism expert works with you to extract meaning from your dreams. We explore the content, identify the symbolic motifs to separate the material from the functional and explain what the symbolism means.

The profound insights that dream analysis provides will enable you to determine which aspect of your life the dream is related to. You will then be able to apply the interpretation of your dream into waking life and make decisions with confidence.
Richard Oldale

About Your Dream Analyst

Richard has decoded the symbolism of world myth and extracted the esoteric meaning by collecting pieces of exoteric information provided to the public and piecing them together with reveal the bigger picture. The completed jigsaw reveals Truths that are hidden from the general public.

Since 2016, Richard has studied psychology and combined this knowledge with in-depth research in neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics. When you combine cutting edge science with the timeless wisdom concealed in ancient myth, you have a very powerful self-development tool you can apply to your everyday life.
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