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We provide personal development services using psychology and energy healing. We know our tools work because we have personal experience of their transformative qualities. Now we want to share them with you!

Who We Are

The Master Mind Content Team is a team with a gift for self-development and energy healing. We have all suffered in the past but also found a personal path that guided us to a cure. We have now brought our knowledge and skills together so that we can help you too.

The team at Master Mind Content have a varied skillset which combines perfectly to help you identify repressed consciousness and transform energy. We have Reiki Masters who have the ability to tap into your energy field and see into your unconscious. 

Our team leader, Richard, uses depth psychology and archetypal symbolism to identify dominant and unconscious energies. Our selection of tools help guide you to your True Self by bringing unconscious content into the conscious mind.

Personal Development and Energy Healing Services

Personal development is essentially self-healing. It involves becoming consciously aware of the energy you are projecting and transforming energy that creates low-quality experiences into energy that creates the life you want to live and feel the way you want to feel.

We know our methods work because we have first-hand experience of self-healing. You can read our stories below. Before we began our journeys, we had no interest in “spiritual healing” or psycho-spiritual practices. If you had told us these simple techniques work, we would not have believed you. The world told us that energy healing is make-belief “woo-woo”!

What we know to be true know is that everything is energy and the only way to improve your life is to transform your energy. We know that from personal experience – not because that’s what the world told us!

The team at Master Mind Content use their knowledge of psychology and energy healing to identify the energies that drive your habitual behaviours. We then explore your unconscious and identify the repressed energies in your unconscious that you need to integrate into conscious awareness. There is nothing “spiritual” or “woo-woo” about energy healing.

We appreciate that each person heals in different ways and have a selection of self-development tools to share with you. Some will work for you, others will not. Rest assured, our personal development program is customised to focus on your specific needs. We provide 1-2-1 solutions, not all-4-1 packages.



Richard Oldale
Richard’s gift is his ability to identify archetypal energies using his unique knowledge of esoteric symbolism.

Having studied depth-psychology and decoded the hidden meaning of symbols in ancient mythology he recognised that knowledge of the body-mind content and can be used a powerful personal development tool.

This knowledge helped him overcome anxiety and will help you heal as well.

Richard’s Story

It was 2001 when I had my first epiphany – if I can call it that! I was sitting in an Amsterdam bar gazing aimlessly at the lights shimmering on the canal surface when this idea popped into my head: “I could live here!”

It wasn’t the thought that was compelling, it was the feeling that accompanied it; at that very moment, I felt a noticeable energy shift in my body in which I was completely drained of all tension. A strange feeling of weightlessness washed over me and for the first time in my life an intense feeling swelled inside of me that I can only describe as inner-peace.

I had never experienced anything quite like it before – and no, I had not been smoking marijuana. I had barely even had a drink. Yet despite this powerful and somewhat odd sensation, I slipped back into the comfort of my bubble and thought nothing more of this surreal moment for another three years.

Without going into great detail about my circumstances at the time, needless to say I was unhappy. Clinically, I would have been considered as suffering from borderline depression. I also had anxiety looming under the surface although did not realise this for another year.

At the time, I had a promising career in law and owned a house in Sheffield, England. But following a chain of events that built up over several years I reached a point where I knew I had to change my career path. The legal field was not the career path for me.

I was 29 years old and could not see myself in law for another thirty plus years. Then I had my second epiphany, and this time it was the catalyst that changed my life!
20 esoteric symbolism

Becoming a Writer

I came to the conclusion that I wanted – I needed – to have a career that enabled me to express my creativity. For several weeks, I searched the internet and newspaper classifieds in the hope I would find the career-changing job I craved. But there was nothing.

I was at a loss; until one day, laid in a state of reverie, I was struck with another bubble-shattering idea: ‘Why don’t you move to Amsterdam and become a writer.’

With this thought, I sat bolt upright – and just like I had experienced on my first trips to The Netherlands, my body completely drained of tension. Nine months later, I had sold my house, packed my bags and touched down in Schiphol.

To hone my writing skills, I engaged in a comprehensive writing course, but breaking into the writing field proved difficult and for two years I struggled, living frugally from the proceeds of my house sale.

In Pursuit Of Ancient Wisdom

Against my desire, I returned to the UK and moved to London in the hope of finding more opportunities to become a published writer and build a profile. Within a year I was earning enough to support myself.

Whilst watching the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel, another moment of inspiration stirred within me – What Can Modern Man Learn From Ancient Civilisations?

So, I embarked on a journey to South America, initially to research ancient cultures in Bolivia, Peru and Chile, then to Central America where I travelled around Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Belize.

It was during this trip that I discovered striking similarities between different civilisations, not only in the Americas, but from cultures all over the world.

What intrigued me the most was the repetition of numbers and symbols. It struck me that if cultures from around the globe have been using coded messages in their stonework, art and ceramics for thousands of years, it must be pretty important.

And that is what I have discovered! Symbols are the keys to unlocking the wisdom of ancient secrets. Encoded in scriptures and stone is esoteric knowledge relating to the human psyche, the body, spirit and soul.
I will show you the gateway, but you must find your own way along the path.

There is one more point I would like to mention. I am not religious, nor do I consider myself ‘spiritual’ or ‘new-age’. What I do have is an interest in psychology and how the mind works. Although my research inevitably involves mythology, religious and spiritual texts, what they are essentially describing is the development of the human psyche, energy healing and the expansion of conscious awareness.

In essence, ancient secrets reveal how consciousness works. They show you how to improve yourself as a person, to heal and to discover the truth of reality. Once you bring down the Veil of Isis, you can cultivate a better quality of life and break free from the chains that bind you to the illusion of the matrix.

This is a continuing project, but I invite you to learn how esoteric symbolism and personal development techniques can heal repressed emotions, reveal your True Self and expand your conscious awareness. In doing so, you will improve your health and all areas of your life.
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