108 prayer beads

The Symbolic Meaning of the Number 108

The symbolic meaning of the number 108 is one of the most sacred numbers of Eastern traditions and is said to represent the whole of existence.
Star of David / Seal of Solomon

Symbolic Meaning of the Star of David

Symbolic Meaning of the Star of David The Star of David and the Seal of Solomon are curious symbols that have a mysterious history. When you consider the horrors with which they have been used in the past, you have to question why this symbol is a prominent feature of
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Feeding of the 5000

Decoding The Bible: Feeding of the 5000 Bible stories are typically interpreted as read. Which is why most of us don’t understand them. More often than not we don’t believe them. I must admit, I was in this latter category of atheists until I understood the meaning of alchemical symbolism.


The Esoteric Meaning Of The Serpent The official interpretation of serpent symbolism is that it means wisdom, but as I will explain in this article, the symbolism has a deeper and much more complex meaning. It essentially relates to the complex nature of the human psyche, energy and our body
Celtic Cross

Celtic Cross

The Esoteric Meaning of the Celtic Cross Throughout the course of history, the Celtic cross appears to have served several purposes; for both practical uses and spiritual symbolism that harbours esoteric understanding of creation. Opinions as to the meaning of this mystical ancient cross are also divided, but this is the
Picture of Jesus Christ

Miracles of Jesus

The stories of Jesus in the Christian Bible are often misunderstood because they are misinterpreted. But the true meaning of the lessons taught by Jesus are revealed when you understand the ancient wisdom concealed in esoteric symbolism.
Cross keys symbolism

Cross Keys

The Symbolic Meaning of Cross Keys Even if you are not clued up on esoteric symbolism, I expect you will recognise the image of two crossed keys. This symbol is found in Christian Churches, numerous coats of arms across Europe and in England, the names of pubs. As with all
Crossed swords in Austria military merit

Cross Swords

The Symbolic Meaning of the Crossed Swords The sword is an alchemical symbol representing the power of thought, purification and transformation. The former has a direct impact on the latter two. How you think determines whether you purify your mind and subsequently what you transform into. If you do not
Free meditation download

Meditation Download

Free Download: Guide To Meditation Meditation has many benefits – but to get the most from your practice you have to know how to make meditation work for you. To meditate effectively you have to do more than “follow your breathing.” Master Mind Content structure meditation techniques for the benefit