Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Esoteric Symbolism Of Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta

Prambanan Temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia The jewel of Yogyakarta is undoubtedly the majestic temple complex of Prambanan. Built in the 10th-Century AD as a dedication to the Hindu Trimurti, the design of the complex resembles the universe in accordance with Hindu

Sacral Chakra

Healing The Sacral Chakra: Identify Suppressed Emotions

Every experience you have and every relationship you develop is an opportunity to learn something about your true nature. Given the sacral chakra reveals your emotional body, the Svadhisthana reveals everything you need to know about yourself and how you

Finding balance requires patience

Three Types of Patience

“Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson Patience, in any walk of life, is a supreme virtue. Patience gives you the ability and the power to control your mind and emotions. By doing so

Explore your subconscious

Root Chakra Healing: Lay The Foundations For Personal Growth

  The root chakra is arguably the most important energy chakra in the body. Associated with safety and survival needs, it is in the Muladhara where you hold your most primal fears and desire for self-preservation.   Each of the

Number 21 represents the transformation of Energy

The Deeper Symbolic Meaning of the Number 21: Optimism, Courage, Inspiration

Esoteric symbolism can be used to help you make decisions, discover your True Self, and ultimately guide you through life. Understanding the esoteric meaning of the number 21 is essential knowledge. I should warn you now that this article is


7 Things You Can Learn From Ancient Wisdom That Will Transform Your Life

Powerful Tips for Self-Development Ancient wisdom is timeless. The knowledge handed down to us by the wise sages of old is as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago. Furthermore, it’s arguably the best life advice you will

Knowing yourself can cure anxiety and depression

5 Simple Exercises To Help Manage Your Anxiety

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), around 260 million people suffer from anxiety disorders. The precise causes of anxiety are unknown, although mental health studies attribute them to genetics, environment, and personal experience. What experts do know is that

Number 20 symbolism. Self reflection

Esoteric Meaning of the Number 20: A Time For Self-Reflection

Esoteric symbolism is different from standard symbolism. Esoteric means hidden information that is only known to those with specialist, or secret, knowledge. Esoteric symbolism should not be confused with exoteric symbolism. Exoteric symbolism is the common belief of a symbol


Are You Breathing Properly? The Yogi Science of Breath

Westerners that engage in eastern spiritual practices will probably have come across the term pranayama. This ancient Yogic practice describes how to breathe properly. Deep breathing in western thinking is mostly associated with relaxation. But the truth is, if you

What’s Your State of Mind? The Esoteric Meaning of the 14 Lokas in Hindu Mythology

In an earlier article, titled “What are the Lokas in Hindu Mythology”, I explained how the esoteric symbolism in the Hindu Vedas relates to consciousness and the various states of mind you experience. Vedic cosmology is fundamentally based on sacred

Hippocrates, Greek Physician

Hippocrates of Kos: Forging Clinical Medicine Through Spirituality, Ethics, and Dogmatism

Guest Post by Aristeidis G Hippocrates of Kos: Forging Clinical Medicine Through Spirituality, Ethics, and Dogmatism “Natural forces within each and every one of us are the factual healers of illness, and the ultimate contributing factor to getting well”- medical

Freud model of ego

An Introduction To Vedanta

In a nutshell, Vedanta is a philosophy of life that teaches mankind how to liberate the mind from the trappings of delusion. The word comes from ancient Sanskrit and means “the goal of knowledge.” Vedanta forms the foundations of Hinduism

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