Buddha in forest

Buddha, The Elephant, And The Monkey

When you visit a Buddhist temple in Asia, you will probably see a statue of an elephant and a monkey kneeling before a Buddha. The story is a charming analogy of how the mind works; the Buddha is the enlightened

Buddha tree

The Birth of Buddha: Historical or Symbolic?

Organised religions have a backstory which involves a historical founder. Yet curiously there is always a lack of evidence to support these people actually existed. Furthermore, some of the stories surrounding the legends are so far-fetched they are not believable.

Elephant statue in Chiang Mai

Power, Patience, Prosperity: The Symbolic Meaning Of Elephants

For the past week, I have been in Chiang Mai, Thailand and keep seeing elephants. Not the enigmatic grey mammals, but images of elephants; symbols. This is the work of my subconscious drawing elephants to my attention; in temples, on

5 Daily Activities That Can Alleviate Your Stress and Depression

This article is a guest post submitted by Sania. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling are eternal. She ritually posts at The

How Meditation Can Boost Our Mental Health and Wellbeing

This post was submitted by Sally Phillips Eastern practices such as yoga and meditation are fast becoming part of treatment programs for a plethora of conditions – everything from cancer recovery to depression, substance abuse, and anxiety. Studies carried out

Hindu cosmology planets. Lokas

What Are The Lokas In Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology teaches us about the creation of the universe, human nature and the essence of consciousness. One of the best symbolic tools that help explain the true nature of mankind are the Lokas – the 14 worlds of Vedic

Elephant chedi, Thailand

Temples Talk: The Symbolic Meaning of Thai Chedis

Stupas are universal throughout Asia. They are said to represent the burial mound the historical Buddha, Prince Siddhartha Gautama, ordered his disciples to erect when he died. Chedis have a variety of names depending on the country. In Thailand, stupas

Four cardinal directions

Symbolic Meaning of the Four Cardinal Directions

The wise sages that crafted esoteric symbolism used nature to explain the secrets of life to initiates. Thus the wisdom behind the veil of ancient symbolism reveals the true nature of man. It made sense for priests to use the

Health benefits of yoga

The Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been a daily activity in parts of Asia for more than 5000 years. Records show yoga was developed by the Indus-Saravati culture of northern India and was included in the Rig Vedas, the

Stress management

How Mental Health Affects Your Finances and Vice Versa

The following article is a guest post contributed by Sally Writes. If you have any content about stress management or mental health issues, please feel free to contact me. Debt is not purely a financial problem; in fact, it can

Emotional scars

The Importance of Healing Emotional Scars

Emotional wounds you suffered as a child have a direct impact on your psychology. As a matter of fact, they affect your mental and physical health and ultimately your quality of life. No matter how rosy or how terrifying your

Modern stress is a pandemic

Modern Stress, Time Honoured Treatments

Guest Post by Sally Phillips Stress and anxiety are challenges that are growing every year. With more awareness regarding their effects and how to identify a stress-related problem, the future is bright in terms of identifying and assisting with it.

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