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The Symbolic Meaning of the Hexagon

The Symbolic Meaning of Hexagons

By Richard J. Oldale,
October 15, 2021

When you see synchronicity in numbers and symbols, it’s a sign that an aspect of your personality is trying to make itself known to the conscious mind. 

The unknown aspect of your personality is a missing piece of you that has been buried in the unconscious. It is a part of you that Carl Jung called the Shadow. 

The symbolic meaning of hexagons signifies the appearance of your shadow. When you see the synchronicity of hexagons or sixes, pay attention to a stirring of intuition, restlessness, moments of anxiety, recurring thoughts and significant events that are happening in your life.

Hexagons, we are told, relate to marriage, cooperation, connection, reciprocal actions, sympathy, communion and magical healing. 

The esoteric interpretation of this relates to unconscious content awakening in the conscious mind. I explain this in greater depth in the longer version of this article; the esoteric meaning of the hexagon. 

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Lessons to learn from the symbolic meaning of hexagons 

In general, the lesson you learn when the hexagon shows itself to you could be anything. Just be aware that hexagons are a prompt for you to reach a moment of self-awareness. 

Self-realisation gives you the potential to learn something about yourself that brings harmony, balance, sincerity and love. Six is a number associated with healing emotional wounds or rifts with people. 

Watch out for negative traits associated with the number six. They can give you an insight into your shadow. Sixes bear a relation to feeling disconnected, hypocritical, weak-minded, shallow, submissive, restless, selfish and easily stressed. 

People who give too much energy away are pulled in different directions by others. When you continually give your energy away to others, you reach a point when you don’t have anything left for yourself. 

This can build up resentment which causes you to ruminate, and potentially act childish. This behaviour will damage your relationship with friends, family and lovers. 

If you’re being distracted by others when you see the six, it’s time to be strong and learn to say no. It’s not unusual for people to reach a moment of self-realisation when this happens. 

The underlying issue is that you have an inferiority complex. 

The ultimate goal when hexagons reveal themselves is to integrate unconscious content into the conscious mind whereby you can reprogram your subconscious. 

We show you how to identify unconscious content and reach moments of self-realisation in our Essential Self-Development Program. 

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Symbols can be used as a powerful tool to help guide you through life and make important decisions with confidence. Our self-development courses use esoteric symbolism to demonstrate how you can expand conscious awareness and improve the quality of your human experience just by observing your unconscious mind and understanding your true nature.

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Richard Oldale
Master Mind Content is a leading authority in decoding ancient symbolism . Our research unveils the secrets to understanding and taking control of the the subconscious mind, channeling energy to self-heal and effectively using universal laws to fulfil your potential.

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