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Numbers and Symbols

Understanding Numbers and Symbols Can Change Your Life!

By Richard J. Oldale,
October 4, 2021

“The unconscious has a particular capacity to create images and to use those images as symbols. It is the symbols that form our dreams, creating a language by which the unconscious communicates its contents to the conscious mind… as we learn to read those symbols we gain the ability to perceive the workings of the unconscious within us… if we take the time to learn their language, we discover that every dream is a masterpiece of symbolic communication.” ~ Robert Johnson, Inner Work

Numbers and symbols are everywhere. Furthermore, they carry meanings that can help awaken your conscious mind and reveal the inner wisdom buried in your unconscious.

Believe it or not, but all of life’s lessons are hidden in the esoteric meaning of numbers and symbols. Understanding the esoteric meaning is the key to decoding the ‘secrets’ to life.

! In fact, knowledge of esoteric symbolism is arguably the most powerful self-development tool there is !

It is through symbols that the unconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind. If you are alert, aware and schooled in the esoteric meaning of numbers and symbols, you have a valuable tool that will guide you through life, help you to make decisions with confidence and change your fortunes.

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Numbers and Symbols Are Good Not Evil

Esoteric symbolism, or occultism, is often associated with Freemasonry and other secret societies.

Oh yes, and Satan!

As a consequence, it gets a bad rap by the profane. The irony is that these same symbols are used by the religious leaders that denounce them.

The same symbols that were used in ancient mythologies dating back at least 7000 years are still found in Christian churches, temples, monuments, company logos, bullion coins, banknotes, and civic buildings such as banks, theatres, government buildings and public spaces.

Numbers and Symbols in Corporate logos

You could argue the church, banks, corporations and governments are evil I suppose. But the symbols themselves are not.

Whilst they do have positive and negative meanings, your understanding of them is what really matters. When you are in control of your own mind, emotions and behaviour, it is more difficult for the powers that be to influence how you think, and ultimately how you act.

And when you know it’s there, you find esoteric symbolism everywhere. Including Nazi symbolism in popular culture.

The YouTube video below also provides some examples of subversive symbolism but there are loads more.

Esoteric Symbolism in Marketing

Corporations have learned how to manipulate the reptilian brain through the use of logos and marketing.

The reptilian brain is the most primitive part of the brain but also the most susceptible to symbols. Ancient symbols that have endured thousands of years are recorded in the unconscious and passed down through generations via genetic memories – either in DNA or through Morphic Resonance – and quite possibly both.

Past lives and the collective unconsciousness are considered pseudoscience. However, forward-thinking scientists researching the fields of quantum mechanics and para-phenomenon are getting closer to revealing that the human mind may receive information from quantum particles.

Who knows, but leading corporations seem to understand how effective occult symbolism is as a marketing tool. Otherwise, why would esoteric symbolism appear in so many logos and marketing campaigns of Fortune 500 companies?

Hollywood producers are not strangers to occult symbolism either. And the music industry peddles propaganda more than any other industry. Esoteric symbolism is so widely used in mainstream circles it’s frightening – it’s frightening because the people that are using it know what they are doing.

The people they are using it on, unfortunately, don’t.

I’m not into the trash they put on MTV and the like but I am aware there are a huge number of pop videos that covertly feature occult symbols.

Sometimes they are not even covert.

Do a Google search for yourself and you will find the likes of Katy Perry, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Brittney Spears, and Lady Gaga to name but a few.

The Esoteric Meaning of Numbers and Symbols

Numbers and symbols represent both positive and negative aspects of your mind, your emotions and your personality traits. They are a way for your unconscious to communicate with you thus you can be naturally drawn to them.

When numbers and symbols reveal themselves to you in a synchronous fashion, take notice. Symbols reflect the energy you are projecting. Often times you will be unconscious of the energy that is creating your life experiences.

Unconscious energy

After all, esoteric refers to the inner self. The contents of the inner world that have not been given “life” seek to express themselves. However, until the conscious mind is aware of unconscious content, the split-off fragments of consciousness sunburned in the unconscious remain “dead”.

With an understanding of symbolism, you can move towards a better understanding of your mind, your intuition and your full potential.

Your inner world – and this is your outer experience – becomes so much clearer when you understand what a symbol means for you at any given moment in your life. Every day is an opportunity to learn something about yourself.

The symbolism courses we offer at Master Mind Content reveal what symbols and numbers mean and show you how to apply the meanings of your life and personal development.

For me, esoteric symbolism has been the most powerful self-development tool I have discovered.

When you learn how to interpret numbers and symbols in your own life and apply that principle to whatever situation you are experiencing at that time, you will be able to make adjustments, and decisions and go with the flow naturally and without stress.

There are multiple possibilities.

The Number Symbolism Course we offer at Master Mind Content explains how to explore your inner self – your True self – and what you should do when a certain number appears to you.

Before you can do that, you need to know something about how the unconscious and subconscious mind works. They perform different functions – and that’s important to know!

Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

By understanding how the Unconscious/subconscious mind works, you will have more control over your life. Ultimately you can develop the ability to manifest the things you most desire. It’s an exciting thought, isn’t it?

However, I must warn you that for many people the transition is not easy and, sometimes, the discovery of Truth can be disturbing.

How you react largely depends on your state of self-awareness at any given moment – or certainly how receptive you are to coping with new situations and taking on the information.

You will experience events that can be considered as tests. You already are. Every challenge you face is a test. You may as well be prepared with tools that help you understand how to overcome the challenges.

You will remain a Fool if you don’t!

The Fool Card

In his book “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” Dr Joseph Murphy explains everything that manifests in your life is a result of how you think. Your conscious mind feeds the subconscious information and the subconscious mind manifest those thoughts into reality.

Therefore it is important to take control of the thoughts, emotions and actions you are programming your subconscious mind with. You can only do that if you are consciously aware of how you think, act and feel.

The ancients understood this. On the temple walls at Delphi where the great Oracle resided are the words “Know thyself.” The Greek playwright, Euripides wrote, “the ills of mortals are of their own seeking.”

Buddha also said:

“Each of us is a God. Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.” Hermes Trismegistus, whom Hermeticism is attributed with saying, “If then you do not make yourself equal to God, you cannot apprehend God; for like is known by like.”

The Laws of Nature

The ancient word for Lord is the law – or more precisely, the law of nature. You cannot change the law of nature, so must learn to work with it. Given you are a part of nature, you can develop the ability to control your own destiny. The lord – or law – is the unconscious mind.

Here we have the Morphic Field and Morphic Resonance we mentioned earlier. When you combine religion with science – as we do at Master Mind Content – the frontier sciences that are labelled “pseudo” make absolute sense.

And the mainstream science which is acknowledged by academia doesn’t fit the paradigm of new discoveries.

How the Unconscious-subconscious mind works fall within the realm of misleading science taught in the mainstream. Psychologists talk about either the subconscious or the unconscious depending on their schooling.

Trained professionals generally use the term “unconscious” whilst everybody else uses the term “subconscious”.

Essentially, the subconscious and the unconscious are classed as the same thing regardless of the term the user prefers. However, there are different roles of consciousness.

Information stores in the subconscious sit just below the surface of the conscious mind. Information is retrieved fairly easily. The subconscious also prompts habitual patterns of behaviour and can make decisions for you.

Psychologists estimate that 90-95% of purchasing decisions taken by the average person surface from the subconscious.

The unconscious, on the other hand, stores ‘Split-off’ fragments of consciousness. These are aspects of your personality, beliefs, attitudes, rituals etc that have not been given life.

The conscious mind is totally unaware of the ‘unlived’ content stored in the unconscious. Although unconscious content does surface in the conscious mind it is typically rejected by the ego on the grounds that the information does not correspond with existing programs.

The battles in myth between gods and demons, heroes and dragons, malevolent kings v benevolent kings and warring brothers etc, represent the conflict between the unconscious content that guides you to the realisation of the “True Self” and the ego.

Because the ego only responds to habitual programs stored in the subconscious, the Self has to battle with the ego.

Let it be known that it is the content stored in your unconscious that holds the key to wisdom, growth and a richer quality of life.

“There are certain events of which we have not consciously taken note; they have remained, so to speak, below the threshold of consciousness. They have happened, but they have been absorbed subliminally, without our conscious knowledge. We can become aware of such happenings only in a moment of intuition or by a process of profound thought that leads to a later realization that they must have happened; and though we may have originally ignored their emotional and vital importance, it later wells up from the unconscious as a sort of afterthought. As a general rule, the unconscious aspect of any event is revealed to us in dreams, where it appears not as a rational thought but as a symbolic image.” ~ Carl Jung, Man And His Symbols

Life is a journey and the path leads you back to your True Self, the source of your creation. Numbers and symbols are there to teach you, remind you and guide you back towards your goal.

And you can use symbols to help reach goals in every aspect of your life, big or small. Our Beginner’s Guide To Symbolism is the gateway to a better future.

A Final Word on Esoteric Symbols and Numbers

Over the centuries, every culture has developed a system of symbolism and numerology. Subsequently, the same symbols can have slightly different meanings, but there is often some cross over in the interpretation.

Given I live in Europe, the majority of the symbolism I will write about on this website will be sourced from Christian churches, Greco-Roman mythology together with ancient Celtic and Nordic traditions.

I also explore shamanic traditions from the Americas together with teachings that originated in the Far East and the ancient mystery schools of what is now the Middle East.

During my research, I have also discovered that modern-day practitioners of symbolism and numerology adopt different methods to reach the same end. This would be fine if the results are the same despite going about it in different ways.

The problem is the results are not always the same which makes me believe they have not connected the pieces of the jigsaw correctly.

For example, modern practitioners of numerology say everyone has a personality number that describes the most prominent characteristics – skills and personalities of an individual.

I found three methods of calculating your personality number, all of which produced different results. I therefore cannot rely on the results of modern systems. How do you know which to use?

The only to that is not to use any of them!

In our symbolism courses, we show you are working out. We take pieces of the jigsaw from multiple cultures and show you how they fit together. This is how you see the bigger picture.

Not only that, but once you understand how to use the esoteric system of symbolism, it is far easier to decode any system using the exoteric interpretation of a symbol.

If you don’t know how to use the esoteric system, exoteric interpretations of symbols are misleading. They are not wrong, but they only give you a hint of the actual meaning.

Using Number Symbolism

Throughout the day you encounter hundreds of numbers. You find them on clocks, car registrations, computers, bank statements, bills, advertising, sports shirts, buses. You get the idea.

When you notice a repetition of numbers over a short space of time, (it could be in a day, it could span across several days), the numbers are trying to tell you something. To know what that something is you need to know what the numbers mean and what to do when a number reveals itself.

If you are already aware of numbers revealing themselves to all of you, why not learn what they are telling you. But also learn when to ignore numbers. There is a difference between seeing numbers and numbers revealing themselves to you.

The secret is: don’t go looking for numbers and symbols. Let them appear naturally to you as you go about your day.

You will find, from time to time, that one particular number (or symbol) keeps appearing mysteriously or you get drawn to it without thinking.

It has a message for you, an opportunity to learn something about yourself and make a decision with confidence.

Do you want to understand the secret language of numbers? Team up with Master Mind Content for a full, in-depth Number Symbolism Course and learn how numbers can help you make decisions with confidence and improve your quality of life.

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Introduction to Symbolism Guide

Richard Oldale
Master Mind Content is a leading authority in decoding ancient symbolism . Our research unveils the secrets to understanding and taking control of the the subconscious mind, channeling energy to self-heal and effectively using universal laws to fulfil your potential.

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