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4 Effects Depression Can Have On Your Body And How To Overcome Them

By Veronica Miles,
January 22, 2023

Based on recent data, 1 in 6 adults in the UK is affected by depression. And while depression and other mood disorders are known for the changes they can make to your mental health, such a condition can also significantly impact your physical health. 

By leaving depression untreated, other health problems might get worse and make your daily life more difficult. To ensure that you have a happy life, it’s important that you treat any issues that you have with your mental and physical health. Here are the effects depression can have on your body and how to overcome them. 

Keep An Eye On Your Weight Changes

Dealing with mental health problems can bring changes to your appetite. On some occasions, you might not feel hungry at all. That might cause your weight to drop and make you feel more tired throughout the day as you could miss out on essential nutrients that a balanced diet can provide you with. 

Or you might have insatiable cravings and eat too much unhealthy food. Then, your weight might climb too high, and you might experience some painful stomach issues. To maintain a healthy weight, you should stop skipping meals and eat a balanced diet that contains plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein-heavy foods. 

Pay Attention To Your Immune System

When you’re battling depression, your immune system might become weaker. As a result, you might be more prone to catching a cold or developing more serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

If you notice that your health is getting worse, you should visit a medical professional who might be able to help you. They might also take your blood to determine if there is anything more severe that they should be aware of. 

In that case, they’ll send the sample to a laboratory and companies like Source BioScience can help the hospital to provide you with accurate results with a fast turnaround. By going to the doctor, you are one step closer to getting better.

Try To Improve Your Sleep

Another effect depression can have on your well-being is insomnia. Your mind might get clouded with worries and unpleasant thoughts, which can make it difficult for you to get enough hours of sleep at night. 

To bring some peace to your mind, get in touch with a professional who can hear you out and provide you with an educated opinion and advice. Then, ensure that your bedroom offers you ideal conditions for good sleep. Get blackout curtains, keep electronic devices in a different room and fill the space with calming colours and imagery. While the road to getting better can be long, it’s even the smallest steps that count.

Take Steps To Boost Your Memory And Decision Making

Keeping your mind sharp can be challenging when dealing with depression. You might notice that your memory is getting worse and that making decisions isn’t as easy anymore. So, try to read your favourite book or sit down and solve some puzzles.

Even though the problems can be unpleasant, you might still be able to slow them down or even reverse them completely. And while these symptoms are more common among older adults battling depression, it’s still important to know about them.

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