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Four elements
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What Do The Four Elements Represent In People?

How To Identify Your Weaknesses and Transform Them Into Strengths The four elements feature heavily in every ancient culture around the world. Our ancestors had a profound understanding of how the…

Esoteric meaning of lion
Alchemy Miscellaneous Symbolism

The Esoteric Meaning of Lions

Lions appear in the symbolism of multiple cultures. From the jungles of Africa, these enigmatic beasts adorn the doorways of temples, civic buildings and fountains in Europe, Asia and the…

Miscellaneous Symbolism

Drinking Fountains in Valencia: The Symbolic Meaning of Fish and Snakes

Valencia on the east coast of Spain is an attractive and inspiring tourist destination. With a laid…

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The Symbolic Meaning of the Crossed Swords

The sword is an alchemical symbol representing the power of thought, purification and transformation….

Christian Symbolism Miscellaneous Symbolism

The Esoteric Meaning of the Cross Keys

Even if you are not clued up on esoteric symbolism, I expect you will recognise the image of two crossed keys….