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Beyond Vision Correction: Empowering Yourself Through the Psychology of Glasses

By Veronica Miles,
August 24, 2023

Eyeglasses are commonly used to treat vision impairments, but psychological assumptions are still made about the people who wear them. 

A study published in Cureus found that because this eyewear typically changes someone’s physical appearance, it also transforms image perception towards glasses wearers. To illustrate, the study’s participants rated images of spectacle wearers as less attractive, intelligent, and confident than similar images of individuals without glasses.

Despite this stigma around wearing glasses, there are many ways for glasses wearers to avoid being overly self-conscious and instead leverage the positive psychological effects of glasses. Here’s a closer look at how you can empower yourself and enhance your self-image through your choice of eyewear.

Unlocking creativity and confidence

Among the reasons why some people have negative misconceptions about glasses wearers is that the frames and lenses can obstruct the eyes, which are typically the facial features that you notice first in a person. 

But instead of simply ditching eyeglasses in fear of what other people might say, you can look for a creative outlet such as makeup, which can accentuate the eyes. A winged liner, curled lashes, or colourful eyeshadow can add more energy to your face and liven up your complexion. There are also ways to play around with foundation and concealer to make sure the glasses don’t cast a shadow around the eye area.

Even when you’re not the creative type, body language can also go a long way in exuding confidence without having to change your appearance. By standing upright and making eye contact, you can command attention and draw people’s gazes toward you, regardless if you’re wearing glasses or not.

Using glasses for a unique style

Other studies have revisited stereotypes about glasses and found that there were certain frame styles that can make someone look more distinctive by directing — not obstructing — the observers’ gaze to the eye area. So, beyond wearing glasses merely as a visual aid, you can tap into this psychological effect and choose glasses that provide you with a unique look.

To help spectacle wearers achieve this, Glasses Direct UK has a guide on picking glasses based on face shape. For example, oval and cat-eye frames complement sharp and angular features, while classic square frames flatter rounder face shapes.

The eyewear retailer also offers home trials to make it easier to discover one’s ideal style. Aside from finding the perfect pair, you can also invest in multiple frames to make you feel more confident in formal or casual outfits.

Enhancing your quality of life

Aside from the usual corrective glasses, wearing blue-light-filtering glasses can also enhance the quality of life. A 2020 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that blue-light filtration has psychological benefits such as improved sleep quality and quantity, work engagement, and task performance. Meanwhile, previous studies theorised that wearing glasses in professional settings can garner high levels of trust from coworkers and higher-ups, thus allowing glasses wearers to leverage their choice of eyewear for both work-related and social interactions.

Overall, these studies and observations suggest that there are many ways to view glasses as a powerful and empowering accessory instead of something that perpetuates negative stereotypes about glasses wearers. 

This can also remind us of the power of self-acceptance, which a previous post has described as a way to support mental health and overall well-being by living life on your own terms. As such, harnessing these creative, confident, and beneficial aspects of wearing glasses allows you to step away from insecurities and step out into the world with a clearer image of who you are.

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