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Essential Self-Development Program (Full Package)

  • Essential Self-Development Handbook
  • Access to privileged content in the VIP Members Area
  • 14 valuable self-development tools
  • 4 x Bonus Tools
  • 12 x 1-2-1 self-development sessions
  • Explore life experiences from a different perspective
  • Tailored solutions
  • Learn about the psycho-biological system
  • Understand human nature, complexes and causes
  • Easy-to-use life-changing tools for life




The Essential Self-Development Program is designed to deliver a  complete transformation wherever you are in life. You will integrate dismembered aspects of your personality (heal emotional wounds), expand conscious awareness, improve your relationships, learn to manifest the reality you want and find peace, love and fulfilment in all areas of your life.

Transform your life with powerful easy to use tools

  • = Cultivate happiness, love and fulfilment
  • = Develop emotional freedom
  • = Nurture inner peace/love/wisdom
  • = Prime yourself for success
  • = Overcome destructive habits
  • = Develop constructive new ways of being
  • = Nurture healthy and meaningful relationships
  • = Feel better about yourself and within yourself
  • = Make decisions with confidence

The valuable Archetypes Tool helps you to identify repressed parts of your nature and integrate your buried qualities into conscious awareness. You will also have access to 17 other tools that help you to improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-love, manage anger, stress and much more!

Not only that but you will be introduced to a priceless strategy that will serve as your guide for the rest of your life. When you can see where you went wrong in the past, you are in a better position to correct your course and put things right in the future.

When you purchase the full Essential Self-Development Program you also receive 12 one-to-one sessions with one of our guides. We help you to understand how the subconscious works and how to interpret your life experiences through a new lens.  Our experts help you to see your blind spots and bring unconscious content into the light of the conscious mind.

Find the peace, love and wisdom you deserve and create the life you desire.



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