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Esoteric symbolism is the key that unlocks the door to Universal wisdom. Essential knowledge has been kept secret for thousands of years and only decoded by writers, artists, philosophers, scientists and initiates of secret orders. Master Mind Content wants to reveal the secrets to you!

The power is in you!

Numbers and symbols are all around us and speak with the subconscious mind. Mathematics is the language of the Universe. Transfer the conversation to the conscious mind and you have access to knowledge that guides you through life. The secret to life is in you! Discover your true power.

Why learn esoteric wisdom?

Esoteric symbolism reveals timeless wisdom and provides answers to a deeper understanding of life. This knowledge is essential for improving your quality of life. You will learn how the subconscious mind works and how to read symbols so you always have an ally to guide you in the right direction and make the right decisions.

Master Mind Content draws on modern psychology, neuroscience, physics, quantum mechanics, philosophy, theosophy, mythology, internal alchemy and ancient healing to explain the secrets hidden in esoteric symbols. The curriculum may sound heavy, but it all makes sense.

Discover Your Inner World

The unrivalled guide to help you reach your full potential

Ancient wisdom holds the answers to your true nature. Symbols and numbers present you with insights to both the positive and negative aspects of your mind, emotions and personality traits.

By understanding the true meanings of ancient symbolism, you will come to learn how the mind-body-energy connection works in accordance with the natural laws of the Universe.

To understand esoteric symbolism, you need to understand how the unconscious mind works. Master Mind Content teach you all this and more. Our symbolism courses enable you to find inner peace and achieve your full potential.

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