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Why A Self-Development Program Makes Perfect Sense

By Richard J Oldale,
June 14, 2021

People have a wide variety of reasons to engage in a self-development program. And why not? After all, the best investment you can make is in yourself – because you’re worth it!

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your life and want to improve your fortunes, an effective self-development course will help you transform the existing you into the Super You that has the potential to achieve everything you put your mind to.

It’s a sad but true fact that many people struggle to find meaning in their life. We lose touch with our essence and have no sense of Self.

Maybe you are amongst the hordes of people that enthusiastically pursued a career, started a family and became bogged down with financial burdens, only to realise later in life that something is missing from your life or you Tok the wrong path.

Maybe you have anxiety, depression, addictions or want to improve your life circumstances. Other people may be struggling to overcome grief and need help to escape the deadening feeling and worries that keep you awake at night. 

Whatever challenges and negative emotions you experience, anything is possible to overcome if you have a roadmap that gets you to where you want to be. 

The truth is, you do have the roadmap. It’s your inner wisdom that you’ve lost touch with. All you need to now is to learn how to reconnect with your True Nature.

Create the Future You Want

The self-development course we offer at Master Mind Content shows you how to identify subconscious programs that cause problems in your life. More importantly, we reveal the superconscious powers you need to pull from your unconscious and integrate into your life.

Essentially, everything revolves around energy. Moreover, once you understand the nature of energy you can transform low-vibrational energy and develop your personal power. 

The more you understand about your inner world, problems disappear and opportunities become available in the outer world. 

But there is a real knack to all this! 

Everything is energy; thoughts, actions, emotions are energy. And thoughts, actions and emotions are how you create your experiences in life. Alchemists call this the triangle of manifestation. 

Triangle of manifestation

The tools we provide in our Essential Self-Development Program help guide you towards self-awareness and cultivate your personal power. We show you how to observe your unconscious, retrieve repressed consciousness and create the life you want. 

We even explain how everything works in a 93-page handbook. We don’t only brief you how to use the tools (which are pretty easy), we also explain why they work. 

And to be honest, knowing why these tools work is what you really need to know. When you see why you’re doing something, you have signposts on your roadmap. 

The first place to start improving your life is observing your thoughts, identifying destructive behaviours and being mindful of how your actions create your reality. 

For some people, that’s going to smart a bit. But trust me, once you get over the initial disappointment, everything is uphill. Yeah, it can be a struggle, but the view from the top is wonderful!

If you feel you need to enrol on a self-development program there are plenty to choose from online. But how do you know which one will work best for you? 

Let me explain why the Master Mind Content online Essential Self-Development Program does work. 

Your Path To Emotional Healing

A personal development program is your first step on the path to living a fulfilling and fruitful life. The initial goal is to release repressed emotions.

self development is self healing

Self-development is self-healing – and that’s not said often enough!

Before you can design the life you want, you have to identify the barriers that prevent you from getting to where you want to be. What you come to realise is that you create the barriers yourself. 

It sucks when you find out your attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are responsible for causing disappointment and feeling like shit – but the Truth is liberating – literally. 

The feeling you get when you free your mind from emotional bonds is pretty amazing. You’ll experience that feeling on numerous occasions probably. There’s a lot of layers to peel through.

Most of the problems you experience in life are because repressed emotions don’t enable you to be the best version of yourself. How you typically express yourself is prompted by subconscious programs.

Personal development involves upgrading your subconscious programs so that the best version of yourself is automatic. It is a combination of understanding yourself and expanding conscious awareness with a goal to reaching your highest potential.

The self-development program we have developed at Master Mind Content taps into the latest discoveries of frontier sciences such as depth-psychology, quantum physics, epigenetics and morphic resonance.

That sounds pretty heavy going, I know, but trust me, the Essential Self Healing Tools handbook strips away the mist and helps to make the mind-body connection and consciousness more understandable. 

Self Healing Tools

We also have symbolism courses that are even more enlightening. I will forgive you for being dismissive right now, but understand esoteric symbolism and recognising archetypes is the best self-development tool there is – in my experience anyway. 

You will find our tools are mostly grounded in ancient healing practices. However, modern science allows us to explain timeless wisdom from a modern viewpoint. 

Like most self-development courses, our program is built from personal experience. All our healers have encountered personal battles in one form or another. 

Michelle has suffered from bulimia, irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, anxiety and depression. 

Masa has also overcome personal problems including grief, anxiety and an inferiority complex.

I also had an inferiority complex and later a superiority complex. It swung like a pendulum. That was confusing. 

At the same time, I suffered from social anxiety and a lack of self-esteem for almost 20 years (without realising it was anxiety) and the issue eventually became debilitating; insomnia, panic attacks, shakes. It was horrible. 

We took different paths to find a cure, of course. But the one central factor in self-development turns out to be understanding the Mind; more precisely, observing energy in the unconscious that is trying to make itself known.

[You can read our stories on the About Us page]

You may find that you share a lot of similar experiences. Moreover, like us, you may have sought professional help without much success. 

Having developed effective strategies to overcome various conflicts, we want to share what we know and help millions of people fast-track your emotional healing and personal development.

And we have a self-healing secret weapon that other self-development programs don’t have; an in-depth knowledge of archetypal energies.

Self-Development Programs Develop The New You

The mind-body connection needs a balance of energies for you to feel great and function to the best of your ability. In today’s world, a lack of knowledge with regards balancing acts contributes to many of the problems people experience.

For example, do you ever feel melancholy or depressed for no reason? You might wake up one morning and feel lacking of energy, heavy-hearted and sad. Yet there is nothing bad happening in your life that would make you feel this way.

Why do you think that is? It’s weird right?

Neuroscientists have discovered one reason for this: thoughts and emotions produce electrical and chemical reactions that influence the way we feel. 

personal development

For example, when we feel excited it’s because we expect a reward. This expectation triggers dopamine, a chemical in the brain that is associated with the reward centre. 

Dopamine is known as the ‘feel-good’ neurochemical. Yet it’s also one of the chemicals, together with, norepinephrine and serotonin that contributes towards anxiety and depression. 

Regulating brain activity, however, is only one small piece of cultivating emotional wellbeing. It’s more important to understand the contents of your subconscious and unconscious mind. 

*NB It’s important to distinguish between the subconscious mind and the unconscious. They serve different functions. This topic is discussed in more depth in the VIP Member’s Area. 

Understanding how your mind works helps you to identify how subtle energies influence your decisions, feelings and behaviours. A self-development program can help you identify which energies need developing and which need deflating. 

Self-awareness enables you to develop emotional intelligence and improve your life and overall wellbeing. 

“Man becomes whole, integrated, calm, fertile, and happy when (and only when) the process of individuation is complete, when the conscious and the unconscious have learned to live at peace and to complement one another.”  ~ Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols

What is the Essential Self-Development Program?

Addictions, habits and deep-seated beliefs are difficult to overcome. Even when you know you need to give up a bad habit, letting go is easier said than done. 

Most of the problems you experience in the physical world, start in your inner world. Thoughts and emotions prompt your actions. 

You may have heard life coaches at seminars and on social media explaining how changing your thoughts will change how you feel. Or even to “take the decision to be happy.’

If only it was that simple! But this feel-good piece of advice is not entirely wrong! 

Before you improve your emotional wellbeing, you need to understand why you feel like shit. 

When you go digging about in your unconscious, you typically find the answers.

However, pulling the roots of your problems out of the unconscious is no easy task. For one thing, the unconscious typically communicates to us in a symbolic language few people understand. 

That’s why I studied esoteric symbolism. And I’m pleased to say it works otherwise I would have wasted the last seven years of my life chasing another illusion. 

“What makes alchemy so valuable for psychotherapy is that its images concretize the experiences of transformation that one undergoes in psychotherapy. Taken as a whole, alchemy provides a kind of anatomy of individuation. Its images will be most meaningful, of course, to those who have had a personal experience of the unconscious.” ~ Edward Edinger, Anatomy of the Psyche

When you enrol on the Master Mind Content Essential Self Development Program, you have access to proven tools that show you how to overcome limiting beliefs, negative emotions, narrow-minded attitudes and more:

  • make decisions with confidence
  • increase self-awareness
  • manage stress
  • cure anxiety
  • overcome depression and addictions
  • improve personal and professional relationships
  • achieve short-term and long-term goals
  • find fulfilment and a purpose to life
  • upgrade subconscious programs
  • expand conscious awareness and worldview 
  • handle any situation you find yourself in

Master Mind Content offers an essential self-development program. Whether you want to overcome addiction, lose weight, cure anxiety, or transform your life in whatever ways you can imagine, our personalised self-help programs show you how to expand conscious awareness and improve your quality of life.

Richard Oldale
Master Mind Content is a leading authority in decoding ancient symbolism . Our research unveils the secrets to understanding and taking control of the the subconscious mind, channeling energy to self-heal and effectively using universal laws to fulfil your potential.

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