What is God? A Definition of “The Creator” In Man

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Are You Living In Heaven Or Hell?

The Greek playwright, Euripides wrote: “the mind in each of us is a God.” Buddha said pretty much the same thing in his famous quote, “each of us is a God.”

And there are literally hundreds of commentators throughout history that deliver the same message. The French mathematician, physicist and Christian Philosopher, Blaise Pascal wrote:

“There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator.”

It is poignant that Pascal calls God the Creator. Many ancient scriptures refer to a “creator God,” typically symbolised as the Sun God. This is an important factor to take into account during your self-development process. And this is not religious, this is psychology.

Before we go on, let’s define who “God” is. It’s you. Or more precisely, your mind. You are the creator God because you create your own reality by the thoughts you think and the actions your thoughts compel you to do. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Okay, I know that last statement sounds like some New Age bullshit, and it is. Except it’s not “new age” at all. This knowledge has been around for thousands of years and can be found in the myths, legends, religious texts and fairy tales of every world culture that we know as existed.

And probably cultures we don’t know existed because they have been wiped out of our history books. But that’s another story. For now, let’s concentrate on your self-development.

Essentially, creation comes from within. It is consciousness. Your thoughts, actions and emotions. You are a creator, and ancient texts explain how to create!

Allow me to explain how You are “God the Creator” in oversimplified terms and everything should click together. Then you can go about creating whatever it is you want to create.

What Is God?

God is a label we pin into a conversation so others know what we are talking about. It has many names. In organised religions, God is referred to as a personification – He; Yahweh, Allah, Jehovah, Lord, are all names given to God as if he is a person.

This is so we look on the outside towards some magical Sky Daddy for help. But God is inside you – your mind and your heart. Your body is just a vehicle.

Mystics refer to God as higher consciousness, divine consciousness, super-consciousness, Higher Self, the I Am I, transcendental reality, God consciousness. Call it what you like, it’s all you!

When New Ageist talk of the law of attraction, they are actually talking about the “God Within”, the natural laws of the Universe. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent. And so is consciousness.

Being Aware of Consciousness

There are three types of consciousness you should be aware of; your conscious mind on the physical plane, your subconscious on the astral plane and altered state when you are under the influence of mind-altering substances such as psychedelics or a deep trance state.

Meditation is a process of self development

Image credit: Hartwig HKD

You are aware of your conscious mind. We experience this on a day to day basis and it is always present. However, it isn’t always working in a way that best serves us. Ask yourself how effectively you are carrying out everyday tasks. Could you be doing them better?

Being mindful of the tasks you are doing, living in the moment and focusing only on what you are doing, enables you to carry out your daily chores to a good standard of quality.

If on the other hand, you allow your concentration to be distracted by other thoughts, you probably will not complete your chores to the best of your ability.

You have to be mindful in everything you do. By being aware of your habitual mind you will concentrate solely on the task you are doing rather than being distracted by other things you have to do that day. When you are distracted, you are somewhere else.

The Subconscious Mind

In his book, “The Power of the Subconscious Mind” Dr. Joseph Murphy explains the subconscious takes instructions from the conscious mind and creates whatever thoughts, actions and emotions we have on the physical plane. This is what we call “reality”.

So our subconscious mind effectively determines what manifest in our lives. Positive thoughts attract positive things, people you need to meet, places you need to be, and events you need to learn from or to be rewarded or punished. And you create it.

You should also be aware then, that not only do you have God within you, you have a nasty little Satan as well. The Beast represents our animal instincts and base consciousness. God resides in Heaven, Satan resides in Hell. Which environment do you want to manifest in your life?

The third consciousness, altered state, I will talk about a little later. First, I want to explain how the law of manifestation works. Getting this right is essential to your self-development because when it is performed incorrectly it doesn’t work and you start to lose confidence.

The Triangle of Manifestation

Manifesting the things you desire in life requires three elements; an idea, will power and care. The triangle of manifestation, therefore,e represents this as thought, emotion and action; body, spirit (heart/mind) and soul.

We can see this explanation more succinctly, by putting the elements around triangles. In the example below, I will use Gods from Roman mythology as the names are easier to remember for the purpose of this explanation.

Three triangles explanation the connection with God in the minds of man

Roman mythology, like all ancient religions before them, has a pantheon of Gods, each of whom represent the characteristics of human nature, mind, feelings and action, both good attributes and bad attributes.

For monotheistic religions, God is everything, including thoughts, actions and emotions. It does not and should not matter which religion you wish to learn from, they all essentially teach the same Universal truth: to create from your higher conscious self. You do this by connecting thoughts with emotions.

You will know when you have the right thought, because you will feel it and instinctively know it is right. This is how you will know the law of attraction is working. If your emotions are not aligned with your desires, you will manifest energy you probably didn’t want.

Personally, I find ancient myths explain the concepts of life more succinctly than “organised” monotheistic religions, especially Hindu myths. I sometimes wonder what it is exactly the religions are trying to organise!

In Roman mythology, Jupiter was the King of the Gods, the equivalent to Zeus in Greek myth. Mercury is the messenger God, the bringer of knowledge, and Venus the Goddess of love, the source of all positive emotion.

Creating Heaven or Hell

As you can see from the centre triangle above, the chieftain, Jupiter, represents the idea, Mercury, from whom we acquire new skills is action, and Venus is of course, emotion.

Without an idea, you have nothing to create. If you do not put ideas into action, nothing is created. It is also worth noting that the emotion you need is love, and not fear.

The Goddess Venus, represents emotions

Love is the root of all positive emotions, thus positive outcomes. Fear is the polar opposite of love, the root of all negative emotions and thus negative outcomes.

To manifest the things you desire on the physical plane, your goal is to go from God-Consciousness – the idea – to God the Creator, the manifestation of your idea. To do that you have to take action.

Oftentimes taking action can be dictated by emotion. If your “heart is not in it,” then you probably won’t do anything. You will fail to act. If you do not act, you do not manifest your ideas.

Or if you do act, but have a fear-based emotion in your heart rather than love, the manifestation will not be a good result. It will not be what you desire, but what you fear. You create Heaven, or you create Hell.

Creating Heaven

In his book, “The Law of Attraction in the Thought World,” William Walker Atkinson suggests the law of attraction is of equal importance as gravitational laws that hold matter together. And that you can control this great Universal law through thought.

Understanding how to master this God consciousness enables you to return to Eden. The ancients appear to have developed a process of simply asking yourself a question in the form of a thought and waiting to receive the answer.

The key is knowing when you receive the answer. According to scientific research, the average human has between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day. How many of these are questions and how many thoughts are we receiving?

Altered State of Mind

Working with thought vibration works better in an altered state of mind. The effects of hallucinogenic plants from the Amazon rain forest have proven to be life changing experiences for thousands of seekers.

In his banned TED talk, writer and researcher Graham Hancock explains how he would be stoned 16 hours a day for 24 years. He took ayahuasca several times and received a message than cannabis was no longer servicing him. He ignored the advice.

On another trip to South America, he had the most profound experiences that told him if he did not give up his addiction his life would become a wreck. In his mind’s eye, he vividly pictures a ghastly image that appeared like Bosch’s depiction of Hell.

Deep meditation also causes altered states of consciousness. It is a necessary part of astral projection whereby the astral body leaves the physical body and the initiate consciously has extraordinary experiences that appear real yet otherworldly.

Stilling your mind through the practice of meditation helps you shut down the chatter in your mind, the hundreds of thousand ideas you have a day. That way you will be able to recognise the answers to your questions.

When Plato wrote about innate ideas in The Republic, he said all the answers you need to know about your live are already inside you, you just haven’t realised them yet.

By using your care free mind to channel messages, you will learn how to receive this innate knowledge and use it to start creating a new reality for yourself.

You must of course follow these pursuits with love and positive action. And remember, you are God and can create anything you desire, in which case you have nothing to fear. So go – be God and create your Heaven.

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