What Is Esoteric Wisdom: A Brief Intro To The Use Of Ancient Knowledge

In the dictionary, “esoteric” is defined as “special knowledge understood by a select few.” And it has become apparent there is powerful knowledge that has been kept a secret by a select few for thousands of years.

Esoteric wisdom is the key to self-developmentThe secret is the truth about how powerful the human mind truly is! With knowledge of the inner-self, you can achieve a profound understanding of the human psyche and manifest anything you need in life.

I must confess that it is not easy to comprehend everything you need to learn about esoteric wisdom, but what I do know is the effort is worth it. Even if you don’t succeed in reaching full attainment – the divine 9 – you will still gain sufficient knowledge to improve yourself as a person, your relationships and your lifestyle.

More importantly, you can find contentment in life regardless of your situation.

Esoteric Symbolism

Knowledge of the true self is described in ancient sacred texts and alchemical medieval literature. However, over time they have become, corrupted, watered down or lost. The knowledge is beginning to rise back to the surface and into the minds of public consciousness. All it takes is to research esoteric symbols.

And these symbols can be found everywhere.

Numerous researchers have shown that ancient symbols are still very much in existence today and are consistently used by religions, banks, company logos, media channels, powerful families and established institutions. It can even be found in Hollywood films and pop videos.

Symbols communicate with our subconscious based on how our mind is programmed to react. Once you lift the veil of illusion, you will come to realise these symbols are used subversively to control us.

However, you can escape the trap system – The Matrix – by learning what these symbols mean and how to use them to your benefit. Armed with this knowledge can help you access higher self and find answers to questions that enable you to improve your life.

Understanding the Inner-Self

By learning to understand your inner-self, you develop the ability to trust your intuition – and this is the key to recovering information from your higher self. With the help of symbols and esoteric knowledge of course!

Plato noted that we already have the answer to everything we need to know in us – we just have experienced it yet. The Greek philosopher was referring to the mysterious knowledge Edgar Cayce called the Akashic records.

The key to unlocking the records is the secret that ruling authorities have kept hidden from us.

Yet this wisdom is not owned by any religion, institution, corporation or government. It cannot even be said it is a secret given the number of researchers making this knowledge widely available.

It is the choice of people who intend to improve their lives that take the time to digest this vital knowledge. Of course, it’s easier to stay asleep and follow the herd.

Researching Esoteric Knowledge

There are plenty of sources from which to delve into esoteric wisdom. The best places are ancient texts – if you can find an undiluted copy. Alternatively, many researchers have their own interpretations.

The problem with taking somebody else’s advice is that what works for them may not work for you. This is why you need to understand your inner-self to determine what resonates with you.

Remember to trust your initial feelings. You can only do this when you are in a relaxed state of mind, however, such as daydreaming, in meditation or falling to sleep.

When your mind is in alpha or beta state (our normal living state of mind), decisions can be unreliable. This is because of the way your physical mind is programmed based on your life’s experience.

But life is an illusion in which the truth seldom exists. The one truth is in your higher self.

Esoteric wisdom is found in literature, myth, religious texts, art, architecture, bookshops, Amazon, the internet, this blog and almost any human expression. In other words, you can find it pretty much anywhere. If you truly want to improve your life, why not start today!


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