The True Meaning of the Swastika

There is a time in history which radically altered the perception of the swastika. You know the time I am referring to.


symbolic swastika

Until the Swastika became synonymous with fascism, death and destruction, it was revered in by Hindus and Buddhists as a symbol of austerity. The symbol of the sun is still proudly displayed in many parts of Asia.

The swastika is a symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and abundance. It is said to contain the secrets of the Buddha mind. The Sanskrit scholar, P.R. Sarkar said the deeper meaning of the swastika means ‘Permanent Victory.’

The legs of the swastika are said to resemble the rotation of the sun. They also represent the cycles of life. In ancient times, the symbol was regarded as the sacred fire and used to symbolically burn away negative character traits that were a burden to finding happiness.

Although the swastika has its origins in India, the symbol was adopted by the ancient Greeks. Traces have been found in Troy. Ceramic bowls dated some 8000 years old found on the island of Ischia off the coast of Naples in Italy also feature swastikas.

The symbol was probably introduced to the Greeks by the Phoenicians who used the swastika to represent the sun. The symmetrical arms of the rotating blades also represented balance.

Like almost all alchemical symbols, the swastika serves as a reminder for us to balance the male and female aspects of our energy. It was known to the ancient sages, that when one can balance male and female attributes in body and mind, you discover your true nature; the soul.

Attributes associated with male energy are linear thinking, rational and understanding through logic. Our female energy governs emotions and the ability to care, be compassionate and to love.

The male energy, therefore, represents the mind. The female energy represents the heart. When we can balance mind and heart, we have more control over our thoughts and emotions.

That the swastika also represents the sun, there is a connection to illumination. Thus we can conclude that being in control of your thoughts and emotions is part of the path to self-realisation.


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