The Esoteric Meaning of the Triangle

The Power of Three IS Your Reality

Symbolic meaning of the triangle

Symbols have secret meanings. A lot of people don’t believe me when I say that. But they have never researched ancient symbolism so don’t see the patterns or acquire the knowledge.

But you can. Let’s take a look at the triangle as an example. It is one of the chief esoteric symbols ancient sages used to explain how to manifest things in your life – so is arguably the most important of all esoteric symbols.

You will find the triangle in churches, temples and mosques of every religion. The triangle represents the power of the number three.

And as De La Soul sang: 3 is the magic number.

The triangle symbolises infinity and the connection with God. Wait! Don’t stop reading. This is not some religious bullshit. This is about your mind.

And if you learn how to understand yourself and make your life a whole lot better, you need to understand the power of three.

Come on, I’m going to make this reaaaaally simple for you.

But first, let me get this God thing out the way. When I say God, I am referring to the unseen force of energy that is innate within each of us. God is consciousness. God is deliverance.

Okay, now I will explain what I mean in a way you will understand better. I’ve chosen a generic example as this is an experience I suspect most readers will be familiar with.

The Triangle of Manifestation

In alchemical symbolism, the triangle represents the three planes of existence which we experience in our journey of human consciousness. There is the physical plane (body), the mental plane (mind) and the astral plane (spirit or soul).

The power of three is considered “the magic number” because it is the number of manifestation. The three represents thoughts, emotions and actions. Each has a knock on effect with the other.

Your thoughts and emotions ultimately control your actions. Your actions – and the amount and type of energy you put into them (positive/negative) – determine the outcome you physically experience in your life.

The example:

Let’s say you are in a relationship and you grow jealous of your partner. You don’t know for sure, but you suspect they are cheating on you. These negative thoughts cause feelings of jealousy.

In reality, your partner is not cheating on you, the idea is merely an illusion you have created in your own mind. But because you convinced yourself your partner might be unfaithful, you developed emotions of jealousy.

These feelings cause you to argue with your partner and you become controlling and overbearing. You act unreasonably. The relationship disintegrates and you break up.

If you had not had negative thoughts you would not have had negative actions and your relationship would probably be fine. Maybe if you had talked to your partner (positive action), you would not have developed negative emotions thus would not have argued.

So now, can you see why the number three is known as the Triangle of Manifestation? It represents thoughts, emotions and actions all of which culminate in the experience we create for ourselves.

The Magic Triangle

Okay, we are going to get a little bit more technical now. To understand how your mind works and where ideas come from you need to know about your higher-conscious self (the Gods) and your subconscious mind (satan or demons).

Ancient mystery schools taught initiates that the triangle correlates to electricity, magnetic energy and the forces that bind them together. In Christianity the ‘Magic Triangle’ stems from the tradition of King Solomon.

In an essay titled “The Magic Triangle,” the occultist and teacher of Hermetics, Franz Bardon, writes:

“The magician must make sure that the being or power he has called into the triangle is under his full control, and that he himself, while standing in the centre of the circle, is thus representing a superior power, a universal, a divine idea.”

Let’s forget about Bardon’s mystical ‘magician’ for now. Instead, let’s say the magician is you. And you have had an idea, a goal you would like to manifest in your life.

The divine ideas, or new ideas, you have had come from your higher-conscious self. Thoughts are energy, electricity that we give out and magnetic energy which we receive.


Power of three

In comparison, the thoughts we typically have throughout the day come from our subconscious mind. These thoughts and feelings are experiences we have already had in the past.

Our subconscious remembers our experiences and associates our reaction to our experiences with emotions. The subconscious, our childlike ego, sends the idea to our conscious mind – also called our habitual mind.

We are creatures of habit because our subconscious mind keeps telling us to do the same things we have always done. Why – because that is all the subconscious mind knows. It makes us react to experiences we have already had. This is why we get cravings.

So when Bardon talks about the magician calling the “power into his full control” he means you are in charge of your own destiny. And this is why you have to be consciously aware of divine ideas and habitual thoughts.

Now you know this, Bardon’s next esoteric statement will make much more sense.

“The magician has to meditate so that with the help of the triangle as the highest symbol, the manifestation of the desired being or power is effected. The magician will soon realize that the more he knows about the symbolism of the magical triangle, the greater will be his influence on the being or power he has evoked…

…Furthermore, it is a great advantage for the magician to know that already at the point of drawing the triangle, he is, in his consciousness, connected with God, which state he has brought about by having meditated or used his imagination, so that actually not the magician is drawing the triangle, but the deity incorporated in the magician.”

When Bardon uses the word “meditate” he means to concentrate, think about what you are doing. You are already connected with higher-consciousness which is how you got a new idea.

Now you have to figure out how to bring the new idea into manifestation. It obviously depends what the new idea is, but if it is a project that will take some time you need to understand the other lesson given in the power of three.

The Power of Three

Remember, the triangle, and thus the power for three, is known as the magic number because thoughts, emotions and actions ultimately define your physical reality in life.

And your experiences stem from the ideas that appear in your mind. So ask yourself this: are your thoughts from your higher-conscious, or are they from your subconscious?

You can only determine this through self-knowledge.

In order to learn how to improve your understanding of the inner-self, and how to manifest things you desire in life, learn these other significant patterns ancient symbolism teaches us about the power of three.


third eye chakra symbolism

Meditation – wisdom, love and compassion

Elephants – will-power, patience and wisdom

Lion – strength, care, courage

Triangle of manifestation – thought, emotion and action

Middle Pillar – left, right and centre (balance)

Divine creation – male energy, female energy, and child (physical creation)

Life – morality (right action), concentration (focus) and insight (understanding)

Third eye meditation – concentration, visualisation, determination


And people say esoteric symbols don’t mean anything.

  1. Ahnoni Moss 3 years ago

    Dear Mr. Joldale,
    My first time at your web page. Was wondering if you’d be kind enough to reveal to me the esoteric significance or meaning of “a circle within a triangle (both) within a square”. Thank you.

    • richardjoldale 3 years ago

      Hello Ahnoni, Thank you for your question. It is an excellent question. I have seen the symbol you are referring to, but haven’t had chance to cover it in full yet. For your benefit, I will give you a brief explanation here:

      The square represents the physical aspect of mankind, i.e the body, the earth. Squares also represent foundations. The circle represents the spiritual aspect of mankind and the cycle of life (or consciousness). As you know from reading this article, the triangle represents the manifestation of consciousness through the qualities of mankind; thoughts, emotions and action.

      If you travel from the outer edges of the square (the physical realm) into the centre of the circle (the spiritual realm), the symbol you refer to represents the process of transcending from the physical body to the spiritual body by using relevant qualities found in the meaning of the three – represented by the triangle; wisdom, love, compassion; will-power, patience, knowledge; strength, care and courage. Thus we can transform the physical nature of our consciousness into spiritual consciousness. This is where we are able to dissolve ego and connect with our true self – absolute consciousness.

      I hope this brief explanation helps. You can read more about the meaning of the circle on the link below. I haven’t published the esoteric meaning of the square yet, but will be soon. Feel free to follow my blog and you will be sent a notification whenever I post new content. I trust you will also find other moments of enlightenment elsewhere on my site, but feel free to ask any questions.

      The Esoteric meaning of the circle:

      Warm regards

  2. throwbackmama 3 years ago

    Excellent blog post! I stumbled here ‘by accident’ and was impressed with your esoteric breakdown. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks!!! Xoxo

  3. Moharny 2 years ago

    this post is an eye opener indeed esoteric symbols do mean something
    . Thank you for posting.

  4. Ewusi 2 years ago

    Hello. Would you be kind enough to explain to me what it means to see your body as composed of two triangles….one in your torso and another, beneath the loins?

    God bless

    • Richard J Oldale 2 years ago

      Hi, thanks for your question. The two triangles represent the energy fields around the body, known as the Merkaba. The triangles are typically drawn from the torso to the head and the groin to the feet – however, these depictions are symbolic; the upwards facing triangle represents the positive energy pole, the downward facing triangle represents the negative pole of the energy field. Hope this helps.

  5. Raymond 2 years ago

    Hi I found your website researching images on triangles. To date I have not found what I am looking for and thought I would try your knowledge for the answer. Is there a known use of a triangle where a small square is fit into the bottom right side of the triangle? The symbol I am researching out contains this small square that is tipped to the right and allows for the bottom of the square to protrude from the triangle slightly on the right and bottom lines of the triangle. The square is aligned with the left side of the triangle equally. Any ideas of where I should look for this answer would be greatly appreciated.


    • Richard J Oldale 2 years ago

      That sounds more like a description of a right angle. The image you describe does not make any sense in relation to having a symbolic meaning. Symbolism is typically geometric. However, if you are able to send the image to me, I can take a look at it for you.

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