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The 12 Universal Laws of Nature

By Richard J Oldale,
February 19, 2019

If scientists and religious leaders ever came together to agree on one principle, it would be that God and the 12 Universal Laws of Nature are one and the same thing. At least to some degree.

Physicists confirm the scientific laws of nature never change. If they do, the change in structure is so slow it is barely noticeable. In fact, the laws of nature are practically the same on Earth as they are in a galaxy six billion light-years away.

Universal laws also apply to the human mind.

There is no escaping the 12 Universal laws of nature. However, understanding the laws and aligning yourself with them in a conscious way, enables you to flow with their energies, create the life you want and cultivate inner peace.

Ancient sages had such a profound understanding of these laws they weaved them into mythological tales. The multiple gods in Greek, Hindu and Celtic pantheons etc represent the natural laws of the Universe in mankind.

This may be difficult to believe considering what I have just mentioned. If the universal laws are constant, why are the Gods in myth so unpredictable in their behaviour?

The reason for that is because of how we transform energy. The laws stay constant, but the outcomes of life cycles change because energy transforms from one state of existence to another. This is why it’s important to know what the 12 spiritual laws of nature are.

#1 The Law of Oneness

Pure energy comes from a single source and returns to the source. That source is the electromagnetic resonance field, the matrix to which we are all intricately connected. Although the centre of the source is yet to be identified by scientists, they have little doubt life occurred as a result of the Big Bang.

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Ancient scribes describe this source as an emptiness where “chaos” is generated from an abundance of limitless and boundless energy. It is referred to as “absolute consciousness” and “Ein Sof” among others. Modern science calls this matrix the electromagnetic resonance field.

It is this philosophical reasoning that provides the basis of the common sayings, ‘we are all one’ ‘we are all connected’ etc etc. But given the same mathematical equations, patterns and electromagnetic energy is found in nature on Earth and throughout the entire universe, the law of oneness makes complete sense. We are all part of the same energy.

How to work with the law of oneness

When you recognise you are innately connected with Supreme consciousness and can access unlimited knowledge, you have nothing to fear. You can make decisions with confidence, you will always know what to do because you feel it. What’s more, if we are all one, you come to realise that by judging, hurting or cheating others, you are judging, hurting and cheating yourself.

Also use the understanding of this law to accept everything is how it should be and forgive people who have hurt you emotionally and physically. When you forgive, you can move on and heal the emotional scars they left behind.

#2 The Law of Vibration

The scientist you never hear about at school, Nikola Tesla (a genius) said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Everything is energy and energy vibrates. Furthermore, because energy is magnetic, the frequency in which we vibrate attracts energies that are vibrating at the same frequency.

The frequency we project is through the resonance of the heart. The heart has harmonics similar to a musical scale. The higher you vibrate, ideally 528hz on the solfeggio scale, the more love and peace you attract.

How to work with the law of vibration

Trusting in the law of vibration enables you to hone your powers of intuition and perception. We can sense ‘vibes’ in people and places so be consciously aware they are there and act with love and compassion on a daily basis. Then you will resonate with the right energies.

#3 The Law of Action

Nothing is accomplished without action. When your goals are aligned with this law, and your heart is resonating with the love vibration, you find things slot into place.

The law of action also rules over the law of no action. The ancient Chinese call this wu wei – sometimes it is better not to take action than to act or react.

How to work with the law of action

Take inspired actions every day towards your goals, and feel joy in what you are doing, knowing that your efforts will be rewarded – even if the challenge is an endeavour. When you act with purpose, you receive the fruits of your labour.

#4 The Law of Correspondence

This universal law is often misunderstood because of its likeness to the law of cause and effect. The way to distinguish this law, however, is to understand that how you feel on the inside will be reflected in your outer world.

In other words, how you think and feel ultimately manifests as your experience of reality. Except your reality is merely a perception of how you see the world. In contrast, the law of cause and effect requires an action.

number 2 symbolism

If you cultivate peace of mind and inner calm, you will experience harmony during your daily activities. In contrast, when you harbour feelings of hate and anger in your inner world, you will encounter turbulence in your outer world.

How to work with the law of correspondence

When you catch yourself having negative thoughts that lead to self-sabotage, stop the thought and reframe it with a positive angle. Otherwise, turn your attention to thoughts of happier times. Repeat affirmations you want to cultivate often.

#5 The Law of Cause and Effect

For every action, there is a subsequent reaction. Everything that happens has a knock-on effect. Thus every thought and action you make will have an equal reaction.

You will also hear this universal law called the law of karma – what you do comes back to you. So be mindful to direct your energies in a positive way because whatever you do returns to you in some form of consequence.

How to work with the law of cause and effect

Be mindful of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Practice one-pointed focus and meditation to quieten your mind and focus your attention when you need to.

#6 The Law of Compensation

The law of compensation teaches us about being generous. Generosity does not have to involve giving money. Being kind, helpful and respectful of other people is compensated with emotional rewards. When you are polite to others, others will be polite to you.

There is an ancient axiom that says give generously with your heart and it will be returned to you tenfold. If your intentions are true and from the heart, you naturally send out positive thoughts and emotions that come back to you ten times stronger and in multiple ways.

How to work with the law of compensation

Every day, choose to be polite, generous and respectful to others, even when you don’t feel in an upbeat mood yourself. The law of compensation will soon make you feel better.

#7 The Law of Attraction

Most people will have heard about the law of attraction, but don’t really know how it works. In a nutshell, thoughts manifest things, so by focusing your energies on the things you want to attract in your life contributes to the law of attraction.

However, it is not as simple as books like The Secret and other online commentators claim. Firstly, you also have to put thoughts into an actionable plan that is realistically achievable. Then you have to follow the plan through with positive actions.

Secondly, your emotions have to be aligned with your intentions. If you go through the motions begrudgingly, you are sending out the wrong energies. Finally, all the other universal laws have to be followed before the law of attraction works.

How to work with the law of attraction

Learn and understand the 12 universal laws and the power explained in the triangle of manifestation; thoughts, emotions and actions have to be aligned with all 12 laws so you vibrate at higher frequencies and attract the things you need in your life. Follow a plan and take it step by step.

#8 The Law of Perpetual Transmutation

The ancients taught that nothing is permanent. Energy is in a constant state of flux and one state cannot exist without the other. We see this concept illustrated in the yin yang of the Chinese and the Hanub Ku of Mexico which essentially depicts the flow of energy transmutes with varying degrees of force.

Esoteric Symbolism yin yang

Energy eventually manifests as your physical reality and your experience of the universe organises itself in accordance with your thoughts, emotions and actions.

This law is perhaps the hardest to comprehend because even if you change your thoughts and habits, the old values are still lingering in your subconscious thus have an effect on the overall energy you emit. Therefore, you have to be persistent and consistent when breaking habits.

With this knowledge, you have the capacity to change your life by changing your energies. This often involves changing your habits. So be mindful of your habits and don’t resist the changes you know you need to make in order to transform your energies into a better experience.

How to work with the law of perpetual transmutation

Embrace change and keep reminding yourself you will be rewarded. Also, look for opportunities that align with your new modes of thinking and habits. Because you are not used to the transformation of these energies yet, you may not notice when or how they manifest.

#9 The Law of Relativity

The law of relativity observes that nature can only have a quality or value when measured and compared to something else. We all enjoy victories and face challenges, but the greatness or adversity of your situation has no measure unless compared against a relative situation.

Everybody faces challenges. It is how you approach such challenges that determine whether you will be victorious over them. Everybody achieves something. It is how you carry these achievements that determine how you feel about your success.

You should be proud of your successes without boasting or showing pride in a vain way. Use your accomplishments to grow confidence and self-esteem. Even the small successes you achieve on daily basis can be used positively to generate rich feelings.

If you feel sorry for yourself, compare your life against somebody that is less fortunate than you and be grateful for the things you do have. If you want to achieve more, compare your life to somebody that is successful and endeavour to emulate their achievements or goals that are relative to your own purpose. Just remember to keep things in perspective.

How to work with the law of relativity

When applying this law to your own life, face life’s challenges as stepping stones to learning rather than barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals. Every day is an opportunity to learn something about yourself and unveil the mystery of life. Every day is the opportunity to take one step closer to achieving your goals.

#10 The Law of Polarity

This universal law states that everything that exists has a polar opposite; hot-cold, light-dark, male-female etc. It is the law of polarity that brings to order to the universe and enables existence to flourish – providing nature can find equilibrium.

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In relation to human nature, the goal is to use left-brain, right-brain thinking, twin rational thinking with emotional values and developing the male and female aspects of your personality. Without this balance your life becomes derailed, you continuously commit acts of self-sabotage and increase the risk of serious illness.

If your thoughts are always focusing on the negative aspects of the world, you will attract negative experiences into your life. Likewise, if you live life consistently adhering to virtues without exploring the dark side of your nature, you suppress emotions that need to be channelled in positive ways. Find an equilibrium in how you think and feel so that you restore balance and harmony.

How to work with the law of relativity

Adopt the polar opposites of your nature and develop characteristics that make you a balanced individual. In circumstances when you act with emotions considered to be the product of a low vibration, work on developing the opposite emotions and use the law of relativity to direct your focus of self-development.

For example, if you are feeling sad and lethargic, do something active to generate positive energy then spend time with people you enjoy being around. But note how your responsibility is to pick up your energy first before relying on somebody to cheer you up.

#11 The Law of Rhythm

Energy vibrates and moves according to its own rhythm which subsequently establishes patterns and cycles. Everything in nature vibrates and passes through cycles. This is why the universal laws of nature remain constant even though everything in nature is constantly changing.

Consistency in humans is an exception to the rule because we have free will. When we make choices to change, we have the capacity to change current cycles and adopt new ways of being which ultimately generates energy if different ways. You cannot prevent cycles, but you can alter the outcome you experience at the end of a cycle.

The rhythm of your vibration determines the level of other vibrations you attract towards you. When you vibrate at a higher rhythm, you attract things that are also vibrating at a higher rhythm. So raise your vibration by being active, thinking positively and keeping your intentions pure.

How to work with the law of rhythm

Because your life is in a constant change of flux, the law of rhythm is a good way to remember that your circumstances will always change. If you are having a bad day, know that it will pass and reframe your focus to a time that you had a good day, knowing that more of those good times await you in the future.

Similarly, when you have a good day, embrace the moment and cherish the experience in the knowledge that it will not last. The historical Buddha taught that all suffering is caused by attachment and the law of rhythm is a good way to learn about non-attachment.

#12 The Law of Gender

The law of gender recognises that everything in nature has a positive and negative side, or if you like male and female principles. Energy either expands or contracts, but has to find a balance between the two opposing energies to thrive.

This law explains that the masculine principle plants the seed and the female nurture the seed until it manifests into creation. The seed of thought is therefore nurtured by other ideas that enable you to grow your initial idea into an actionable and satisfactory outcome.

How to work with the law of gender

No matter what goals you set for yourself, they take time to manifest. You, therefore, need to adopt patience and be determined to bring your ideas to fruition by staying focused on your goals and nurturing energy with purer energies that enable your ambitions to grow and flourish.

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