The 10 Attributes Of A Buddha

Wooden statue of buddha

Buddhists say a Buddha has 10 names. In essence, these names are actually qualities individuals have to cultivate in order to be considered a Buddha – a perfectly balanced individual that is able to control your mind and emotions.

The modern word Buddha comes from the root word boddh which means “to be awake”. But becoming a Buddha extends to more than being awake. The ideal individual is free of all limitations and able to see the various possibilities in all situations.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, to become a Buddha in the Buddhist tradition, one must fulfil all ten of the following attributes:

  1. Tathagata – “he that walks the right path.” The right path is dharma which incorporates the Noble Eightfold Path taught by the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama.
  1. Arhat – “worthy of respect and support.”
  1. Samyaksambuddha – “perfectly enlightened.”
  1. Vidyacaranasampana – “endowed with insight and good conduct.”
  1. Sugata – “happily treads his chosen path.”
  1. Lokavidy – “knows the world well.”
  1. Anuttarapurusadamy – “the unsurpassed leader of those to be trained and to be taught.”
  1. Sastadevamanusyanam – “teacher of gods and humans.” In ancient mythology, the gods have bad attributes as well as good. Essentially, they are a reflection of human nature to show us what happens when we do not act in the right way and what happens when we act do act in the right way.
  1. Buddha – “enlightened one.”
  1. Bhagavat – “the blessed one.”

Attributes of Buddha

Discover the Buddha in You Through Meditation

The 10 attributes to become a Buddha is at the core of our human nature. Everybody has the potential to find the light within them. With dedication and practice of self-understanding, you will find your true nature.

Discovering your true Self can be achieved through mindfulness meditation. Learn to breathe probably, awaken your chi energy and you find your centre.

Whilst you breathe, focus your mind on the Seiki Tanden (Tan Tien in Chinese) about one inch below the navel. This is where the ancients say is the centre of your vital energy and the source of everything you manifest.

In a chaotic world when busy lifestyles disrupt the calmness and clarity of mind and thought, we have to find a means of becoming aware with the least amount of effort. When you can manage your emotions, you can unobtrusively reach a point of understanding and see where things fit into the grand scheme of your experience.


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