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Meditation Mindfulness

Should Mindfulness Meditation Be Taught In School?

Several years ago, I was staying with my father and a news item came through the TV: 350 UK schools are introducing mindfulness meditation to adolescent children at school. My…

Chakra opening meditation
Chakras Energy Healing Meditation

10-Minute Meditation to Open Your Chakras

This is a very simple meditation to open your chakras. You can perform it in as little as ten minutes. If you’re new to meditation, practice this chakra opening ritual…

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Guide To Meditation: What To Expect And What To Do

New meditators can often struggle with meditation. I certainly know I did when I first tried…

Meditation Mindfulness

Understanding Mindfulness Meditation

There is a misconception about mindfulness meditation. It seems to have become a buzzword and…


The 12 Chakra System

Most people are familiar with the seven body chakras, that run up the spine. But Ayurveda yogis say….