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six realms of existence in buddhism 
Buddhist Symbolism World Mythology

The Six Realms of Existence in Buddhism 

Early Buddhist writers created a system that explains the realms of existence; heaven, hell and everything in between. The concept has been interpreted literally by some commentators so that people…

Four noble truths
Buddhist Symbolism

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism 

Buddhist legend says that when Gautama Buddha meditated under a Peepal Tree and reached nirvana in Bodh Gaya, east India, he realised “four noble truths.”  History records that after some…

Buddhist Symbolism Hindu Symbolism

The Symbolic Meaning of The Umbrella in Buddhism

According to mainstream Buddhism, the Umbrella or Parasol is a symbol of protection from illness…

Buddhist Symbolism Hindu Symbolism

The Symbolic Meaning of the Conch Shell in Buddhism

Symbols used in Buddhism and other religions have hidden meanings. Organised groups give you one version which is a small piece of the jigsaw. The exoteric meaning you find on…

Buddhist Symbolism Hindu Symbolism

The Symbolic Meaning of The Lotus Flower

The lotus flower is the most distinguished and recognisable symbol of Buddhism (and Hinduism)….

noble eightfold path
Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism

 When Siddhartha Buddha emerged from his moment of enlightenment he realised there were four noble truths of suffering, of which, the final truth incorporates the Noble Eightfold Path. Also known…

Buddhist Symbolism

The Birth of Buddha: Historical or Symbolic?

Organised religions have a backstory which involves a historical founder. Yet curiously there is always…

Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Three Jewels of Buddhism in Everyday Life

Before you can be formally recognised as a Buddhist, initiates are encouraged to “take refuge”…