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Depression symptoms

Symptoms to Determine a Major Depression Diagnosis

By Guest,
April 1, 2021

Depression is more than just feeling the blues. It is a sadness coupled with self-loathing, absence of self-esteem, and loss of interest to do other things. Healthcare professionals often diagnose this as clinical depression or major depressive disorder.

This is a disorder that affects your life from the mental, physical, and emotional aspects. This can lead to various problems, and you will have trouble functioning and doing your daily activities when this is left undiagnosed. It’s best to get a major depression diagnosis to confirm your condition and get the treatment you deserve. For some, the symptoms are so severe that they think that life is not worth living any longer.

Many know that being depressed is a state that you can’t simply “snap out of,” and this needs treatment. This isn’t the blues that you’ll wake up one morning feeling well and fine. Anxiety, phobias, and other disorders need months or even years of treatment, and many people feel better with psychotherapy techniques and medication.

Depression symptoms

Depression Symptoms to Know About

1. You Feel Hopeless and Helpless – There’s always a bleak outlook in life associated with depression. You feel that no one can help you, and no change will get you out of this situation.

2. Loss of Interest to Do Work or Play – You are not too keen on doing social activities, drinking, playing, household chores, hobbies, pastimes, or even sex. You lost interest even in the simple things in life where you’ve previously known to be pleasurable.

3. Changes in Weight or Appetite – There’s significant weight loss, which is more than 6% of one’s body mass in a single space of a month. Others have become obese while suffering because they tend to rely on food most of the time. You can know more about what’s normal when it comes to weight fluctuation when you click here.

4. Too Irritable or Angry Outbursts – The feelings of violence, restlessness, and agitation are some of the signs you need to look out for. You may be having loud outbursts, low tolerance, and low temper from the previous months because there may simply be a lot going on in the last few months.

5. No or Low Energy – Sluggishness and feelings of fatigue are often some of the symptoms that many psychiatrists look out for. You may have difficulty waking up in the morning, and you feel like your whole body has a heavyweight that you can’t ignore. It’s exhausting to do daily activities, and some of them may take hours to complete when you were able to do them in minutes beforehand.

6. Reckless Behaviors – You may have developed the habit of excessive gambling, reckless driving, getting drunk, abuse of drugs, smoking, and engaging in dangerous sports. If you were not too adventurous before and you feel that your recklessness is beginning to cost your safety and health, it’s time to seek help from the pros as soon as possible.

7. There’s Self-Loathing Involved – You may be feeling some guilt or worthlessness or even hate yourself. You may be your harshest critic, and a single fault can become a full-blown mistake. It’s better to stop this process and let a psychiatrist help on why you are becoming too critical.

8. Aches and Pains – You may have many health complaints like back pain, headaches, stomach pain, and muscle soreness. Sometimes, if you are experiencing too many stressors, the body may not be able to cope with all of them, and you may want to need help. The aches and pains don’t usually go away on their own. It’s better to seek help while there’s still time.

9. Trouble Concentrating – You’re having difficulties concentrating on the tasks at hand or your job. If you’re always forgetful or you have trouble concentrating, it’s best to seek treatment at the earliest time you can. Learn more about concentration here: https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/symptoms-and-conditions/concentration-difficulty.

Know that the earlier you seek treatments, the better. One of the risks when it comes to depression is people committing suicide. Because of the hopelessness and profound despair that they are feeling, they wanted to escape, but problems can’t easily be solved by this route. Talk to a doctor as soon as possible, and you should never take your issues for granted. You matter, and a lot of people love you, so you should do your best to heal.

Richard Oldale
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