Symbolic Meaning of Zero

Zero represents the potentia for energy to become manifest into creation

The principal meaning of zero is potential. It is the starting point from which all other numbers follow. The same principle can be applied to events in your life, starting from the moment you have the initial thought or occurrence, the point at which potential comes into being. Even by the shape, the visual symbolism of the zero represents the womb, egg or seed – 0.

Ancient texts all describe an empty void filled with boundless and limitless energy. Modern scientists call the space prior to the big bang, ‘the zero point.’ The connection here is that energy is a boundless mass of chaos before becoming consciousness. The zero represents the chaotic space which has the potential to become manifest into creation.

In the Tarot deck, the very first card of The Fool is assigned the number zero. The Fool implies the individual is about to embark on a new journey, stepping out into the unknown. It is the point of true beginnings, the start of the path you take to reach your final goal.

In ancient philosophies, the circular pattern of the zero also represented evolution and completion. In the modern numerological system, once the numbers 1 to 9 is exhausted, we revert 10 which is the 1 and 0 together, meaning the individual with a new path to follow, where one cycle of life ends another begins.

All numbers after that, once broken down by following the same numerological system, follow one from number one through to ten. This is achieved by applying the Babylonian principle of gematria which reduces numbers to a single figure.

e.g 1 + 0 = 1, 1+1=2, 1+2=3 etc..

What Did Zero Mean to the Ancients?

For ancient civilisations, the zero represented the completion of a cycle which becomes nothingness. It denoted the moment of enlightenment when you understand a situation. The modern-day description of the zero-point can also be used to describe the moment before a conscious thought appears in your mind.

One of the oldest symbols we know of is a point with a circle around it. Archaeologists say this symbol represents the sun. But the dot could also represent the essence of consciousness and the circle is consciousness coming into being.

All ancient cultures describe the circle, or the zero as the “God Force,” the spirit finding its way back to the source – absolute consciousness which is only reachable through the sub-conscious mind or astral plane. At this moment, the universal energies are magnified as you reach a higher plane of spiritual awareness.

When we undertake this achievement on a regular basis and peel away the layers of ego and illusion, we vibrate at a higher level and become more consciously aware of our higher conscious mind. The more we expand our awareness, the more we understand about the world and ourselves. The illusion shatters.

Zero, therefore, is a triumph of learning, dropping the ego and becoming free of limitations in the material world. When you notice the repetition of zero in your life, you have reason to be proud of yourself – you just moved up a level. Now get ready to start all over again!

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