Stress Management

Stress is a worldwide pandemic. A study by Bupa revealed one in four people suffer from stress and one in 13 suffer from anxiety. The likelihood is this figure is much higher – most people don’t even realise they’re suffering from stress!

A New Method Of Stress Management

How would like to have insights that enable you to handle stress issues you have at work, in your family life, with relationships, social anxiety or concerns you may have around your finances and health?

The truth is that stress can be managed quite easily with the right mindset. When you learn to look at the world with a stress-free perspective, you don’t feel the pressure, the frustration or the anger that is typically associated with reactions to stress. We teach you how to feel excitement, content and proud!

Stres Management Services

How Do You Manage Stress and Anxiety?

Take a moment to be still and pay attention to how you feel. If you feel restless, sense a knot in your stomach, a tension in your back, shoulders or neck, this is a sign of stress. You may even feel a tightness in your chest.

Everybody suffers from over-excessive stress, yet only 25% of people that seek help have access to effective medical treatment. The world’s health system simply does not know how to cure stress and anxiety because health practitioners are under too much stress themselves. Master Mind Content, on the other hand, has an advanced solution!

Benefits of Stress Management

  • Improves immune function
  • Reduces risk of illness and disease
  • Enhances positive outlook
  • Relieves daily pressures
  • Eases physical aches and pains
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps diagest easily
  • Promotes inner secuity
  • Aids general well-being
  • Benefits relationships
  • Helps focus at work
Stress Management Services

What Causes Stress?

Stress is primarily caused by your subconscious

Stress hormones kick-in whenever you encounter a situation the subconscious mind perceives as a threat. it may be an experience you do not like, or your overly emotional and cause your brain to release too many toxic chemicals. .

When stress hormones are released on a daily basis, the body fails to regulate the toxic waste. This causes you to feel restless, irritated, and angry. As a result, you experience other negative feelings. Eventually, stress-related illness such as anxiety and depression rear their ugly heads.

Knowing how to control your thoughts and emotions empowers you to release feel-good neurotransmitters rather than toxic chemicals that damage your DNA. When you improve your physical and mental health, it has a positive impact on all areas of your life.

Stress Can Be Cured By The Mind

Health practitioners often say that work causes stress or family causes stress, or some external factor is the cause of your stress. That’s not true.

Whilst your environment can be a catalyst for ‘stressing you out’ or ‘doing your head in’, the actual cause of your stress is you.

The reality is that stress is caused by the mind. It can, therefore, be cured by the mind. You just need to know-how.

How you approach life is the cause of stress. Learn how to view the world from a new perspective and you will be able to handle stress no matter what environment you find yourself in.



Been to Michelle for a trapped nerve in my shoulder and after 2 sessions it feels great . She has also seen 2 other members of my family for sports massage with great results. Highly recommend Well worth the train fair. Michelle has amazing hands.

Jackie O’Brien

I was a bit afraid of reiki in the start, but only because of my lack of understanding of it, but with working full time and trying to carry on as normal it was a massive help and a great benefit.

Jane Spencer

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