Symbolic Meaning of the Number 33

Symbolic meaning of number 33

Sacred numbers have hidden meanings and harbour secrets that are fundamentally and deeply connected with consciousness. The symbolic meaning of the number 33 is arguably the most important.

In fact, the true meaning of the number 33 is kept a very carefully guarded secret by institutions that use sacred numbers for their own advantage. Now it’s time to get even and understand how they use sacred symbolism for their own gain.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage too and Master Mind Content show you how! Start with this article and let’s take it from there!

Master Mind Content has delved into a number of sources in an attempt to unravel the secret codes of ancient symbolism. The number 33 is a master number, but one that appears to be held in the highest regards. That should hardly come as a surprise when you learn what it means.

Here are some examples where you find references to the number 33. Later, I will reveal the symbolic meaning.

  • The 33rd degree of freemasonry is the highest accolade given to members that attained a certain level of learning. To know what this level of learning is you have to be a 32nd degree mason
  • Jesus died when he was 33
  • The number 33 is the predominate symbolic number in the story of Jacob
  • The Vatican recognises 33 doctors of the Church
  • Peter’s Basilica has 33 chapels
  • 33 is also key in the stories of Noah and Abraham
  • In Islamic thinking, 33 is the age mystics and theologians can reach heaven
  • There are 33 beads on the Misbaha which Muslims use for prayer
  • So does the Anglican rosary and Orthodox prayer wrists
  • In the Divine Comedy, Dante’s Purgatory and Paradise have 33 cantos
  • The Rig Vedas acknowledge 33 Gods
  • In Buddhism, the Goddess Guan Yin experiences 33 transformations before attaining ‘salvation’
  • The Yongle Emperor, Zhu Di built 33 temples in the Forbidden City of China
  • There are 33 heavens in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  • In Aryan myth, Lord Indra rides an elephant with 33 heads
  • The principle deity in Persian myth, Ahura Mazda, created 33 steps to heaven

The above list is by no means complete. Furthermore, all these references are symbolic. There are deeper meanings buried within all these myths and historical accounts.

It is only by examining the sum parts of symbolic meanings that you have the tools to decode the true meaning. And that’s when you can use your understanding of scared numbers and symbols to your advantage.

A closer examination of the meaning behind the number 33

For the benefit of readers with limited time, I will provide an abridged version of what the number 33 means here. If you want to go deeper into the subject and get a deeper understanding through more examples, click on this link and learn about the deeper symbolic meaning of the number 33.

Let’s get to the heart of the matter; the 33 essentially represents an individual that has mastered thoughts, emotions and actions. It is a state of consciousness whereby the individual has transformed limited perceptions which only reveal partial truths.

In order to see more of the Truth, you must overcome the demons of the subconscious mind. By doing this you gradually acquire more control of your life until you become the master rather than the salve. The number 33 signifies you are the master – a Buddha.

To give you a few quick quotes:

In John 3:3, Jesus says: “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

Koran 33: “Put your trust in God (higher consciousness). God is enough as a trustee.”

Bhagavad Gita verse 33: “A knowledgeable person acts according to his own nature; all living entities are controlled by their own nature.”

This small collection of ancient wisdom basically says, that through self-reflection you have the capacity to discover your true nature. You become born again. To discover your “True Self,” you must learn to connect with your higher conscious mind which is symbolised in religion by ‘God.’

You access your higher conscious mind by raising your vibration. This can be achieved through self-realisation so that you acquire a broader view of human nature and the world you live in.

In all the bullet point examples above, the characters in the stories experience journeys in which they evolve. The transformation they go through during their journey results in them attaining Buddha nature (aka: true nature).

The characters ultimately achieve self-mastery. In symbolic terms, this state of being is described as “heaven,” “paradise,” “the kingdom of God” etc. Call it what you like, but it essentially describes inner peace. Bliss.

Want to go deeper? Click here to learn more about the deeper symbolic meaning of the number 33.

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