Root Chakra Healing: Lay The Foundations For Personal Growth

  The root chakra is arguably the most important energy chakra in the body. Associated with safety and survival needs, it is in the Muladhara where you hold your most primal fears and desire for self-preservation.   Each of the chakras generates energy that essentially shapes your personality and experiences in life. The root chakra is vitally important because it connects with the Earth – the realm in which we experience physical reality. If you have issues with your family, personal relationships, feeling of insecurity or poor financial circumstances, the most likely cause is suppressed emotions you are carrying around the groin region. If you need grounding, feel paranoid, distrusting and fear for your physical or emotional safety, work on your root chakra. Located in the coccyx at the base of the spine, the root chakra is where you create your foundation for life. When it is blocked, inactive or imbalanced, your life will be littered with chaotic experiences. Ancient healers knew this. The Magi had an in-depth understanding of how energy centres impact your personality, health and experience of life. These traditions were mostly passed down orally and are still used in ancient healing practices today. The concept is also explained through symbolism in ancient mythology – more of which we will discuss at the end of this article. We have our ancient ancestors to thank for their wisdom and understanding – a knowledge of the mind-body-energy connection we are rediscovering today – at least in the west. Healers in the East have continued the art of ancient healing for thousands of years and have an in-depth understanding of the chakras. This knowledge is gradually becoming known all over the world. Know Thyself Through an understanding of the chakras, you can learn to understand your inner world with critical insights. The energy you create from your inner world is eventually projected into the outer world – your life experiences. The things that happen to you, the people you meet, the information you receive is all the result of your inner consciousness guiding you to want you need to learn about yourself in order to dissolve ego and discover your true Self. Take notice of experiences, people and information you receive. Every momen is a chance to learn something about yourself you had not previously realised. “Through localising brain function, the behavioural neurologist had shown that who we think we are is a complicated and rather fragile synthetic process orchestrated by our brains. When something interferes with that process, our reality and sense of self quickly and dramatically fragment.” – Kevin Nelson MD, The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain By observing the experiences you have on a daily basis with a mindfulness that can identify regular patterns, you are able to identify suppressed emotions that are causing energies to become trapped. The root chakra deals with your basic survival instincts; food, water, shelter, love, affection, and sex. When these needs are not met on a physical or emotional level, they can make you feel restless and out-of-sorts. If you dwell on negative experiences, your psychological state triggers toxic chemicals and disturbs the flow of energy. Regardless of your upbringing, you are probably carrying toxic energies in your root chakra from since you were a child. Let’s take a closer look at why this is probably true, then I will show you how to heal your chakras. Overview of the Root Chakra  All energy has a vital life force – the seed – which gives life to another particle of energy. The vital life force in the root chakra happens at

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