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Psychological Dismemberment

Re-Membering: The Healing Power of Self-Awareness

By Richard J Oldale,
May 21, 2021

The key to self-development is self-awareness. The key to self-awareness is re-membering – retrieving split-off fragments of consciousness from the depths of the unconscious mind.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but everybody has a fragmented personality. Psycho-analysts have established that the brain causes a process called “Psychological dismemberment.

This happens when information absorbed through the five senses is rejected by the brain when incoming information is too overwhelming for the ego or the event is too traumatic.

In traumatic situations, the brain shuts down to protect the ego. In everyday life, information is simply “filtered” into the subconscious.

When you consider the brain processes 11 million bits of information a second, that’s a lot of information that is discarded. The more we experience the same environment and external stimuli, the more information the brain brings into conscious awareness and enables the ego to deal with it.

This is why you might feel overwhelmed the first time you go somewhere new – especially if it is chaotic and overrun with people and advertising. However, the more you return to the same place, the less overwhelmed you feel because your ego is familiar with the surroundings and feels safe.

Moreover, you notice details that you’ve not noticed before – at least not in your conscious mind. But the details were picked up by your senses and filtered into the subconscious.

split conscioousness

Memory Retrieval

The brain can complicate matters when we’re faced with a new challenge as well. We have to learn new skills that we do not have a program for. When we are children, we typically face learning challenges with enthusiasm and gusto. That’s because we have a relatively clean slate.

As adults, learning new ways of being can be overwhelming. For many people, this is because there is a personal program that creates resistance and perhaps a lack of motivation.

Sometimes, fragments of information are channelled and retrieved by the conscious mind automatically. However, the ego only responds to the experience you are having now.

Repetitive experiences strengthen neural pathways and reinforce the fragments of consciousness in your subconscious mind. This gives more energy to certain experiences which then become a default program.

Some information that is rejected by the brain, therefore, stays in the unconscious until you have an experience to the contrary. By the time that happens, your program is probably so strong, the ego dismisses new information.

ego self-awareness

For example, when you are reprimanded by your parents for something as a child, the brain deems that certain behaviour is unacceptable because it made your parents angry.

If you had parents that often said, “shhh”, “be quiet”, and “children should be seen and not heard,” there is a strong chance that you are socially insecure and afraid to speak with people.

That’s how easy it is for neurotic tendencies to form in an individual.

Prising out memories from your childhood is often the root of self-awareness. When you re-member a sufficient amount of consciousness, you expand awareness and develop a different view of the world. You can expect to develop a richer quality of life and become more fertile.

“Man becomes whole, integrated, calm, fertile, and happy when (and only when) the process of individuation is complete, when the conscious and the unconscious have learned to live at peace and to complement one another.” ~ Carl G Jung, Man and His Symbols

Re-membering Consciousness

When an aspect of your True Nature is rejected by parents, teachers, peers or your culture, it may never be recognised by the conscious mind.

The split of fragment loses energy and gets pushed further into your unconscious mind. You are unaware it exists and this aspect of consciousness is not part of your personality. self-awareness involves retrieving split-off fragments of unconscious content.

Sometimes the program stored in the subconscious makes you believe a certain behaviour is not acceptable in society. This is why we keep our vices a secret. 

A good example of this is experienced in religious families in which children are told impure thoughts are a sin. In reality, sexual thoughts are a natural part of maturing.

Another common example is that boys should not cry. Teenage males and grown men suppress tears when they feel hurt and sad. Suppressing emotions does not allow men to nurture emotional intelligence and develop as a person. It also causes no end of illness and dis-ease.

Self-awareness, therefore, is a key to healing. You have to re-member events where consciousness became dis-membered and integrate unconscious content into the conscious mind. This involves acknowledging the cut-off aspect of consciousness does exist.

Re-membering Ancient Mythology

It’s interesting to note that dismemberment takes place in several ancient mythologies. In Egyptian myth, for example, the sun god Osiris is hacked into 14 pieces by his evil brother Set.

The Greek god, Dionysus and his frenzied followers were torn apart or cruelly persecuted. Prometheus was also persecuted and his liver ripped out by an Eagle every day.

In another Greek myth, Artemis turns Actaeon into a stag and he is dismembered by his own hounds. I could go on.

Re-membering self-awareness tool

We also see dismemberment in the Greek myth ’12 Labours of Herakles’. The hero of the story butchers his wife and child in a fit of madness. A man’s wife represents his feminine principle and children express man’s creative aspect.

Myth reflects the human psyche. In the Herakles myth, his pure consciousness is torn to shreds. The 12 labours Herakles has to endure represents the piecing together of the 12 archetypal energies it is assumed to make an individual whole.

Nature needs to be given life. Your conscious mind needs to become aware of your True Nature for you to heal emotional wounds. Attaining “absolute consciousness” requires you to re-member the lost pieces of your consciousness.

Self-awareness essentially involves becoming aware of the True Self – a state of pure consciousness.

Acquiring Self-Awareness

Among the most important tools, we offer at Master Mind Content is grounded in retrieving repressed emotions and memories from the unconscious.

By re-membering split off fragments of consciousness, it is possible to reconnect with your inner-self and bring unconscious content to the surface of the conscious mind whereby you experience self-realisation.

We have several ways of doing this. We can show you how to perform it by yourself using a series of mental techniques, or we can perform a healing therapy such as hypnosisdistant healingyoga Nidra or dream analysis.

Dream Analysis

Blocked emotions can also be identified and cleared by our Reiki practitioners. Sometimes, a past-life regression will be required.

Together with our healing services, it will be highly beneficial for you to practice re-membering techniques yourself.

The technique described in the Self-Development Tip above is an effective way of digging down into the superconscious and releasing aspects of your consciousness that were split-off at some point.

However, it does take practice because ego gets in the way. This is why it is vitally important that you are able to distinguish which thoughts are subconscious programs and which thoughts are superconscious wisdom that will help you evolve.

The other complication is that the thoughts you receive do not always make complete sense immediately. In my experience, I get one word or a sentence that I am unable to immediately comprehend.

It’s good practice to write these messages down because they are fragments of information being retrieved. Think of these messages as a piece of the puzzle that will help you see the bigger picture.

It can take several months for the picture to become clear. The tools and services we offer at Master Mind Content help to speed up the re-membering process.

“It usually takes between two or three months for such a situation to be full-blown, a conscious reality. Then generally inner events occur and sometimes synchronistic outer events, and after three months, on looking back, one can say: ”Ah, I see now what that dream meant.” It has taken all that time to come up, and the deeper the dream the longer it takes. In that way one gets to the deepest constellation and one can predict the future.” ~ Marie Louise von Franz, On Divination and Synchronicity

Absolute Consciousness is an enigma. Even individuals that have attained enlightenment are not able to describe enlightenment in a convincing way.

It stands to reason that messages emerging from the unconscious cannot be immediately apprehended by the conscious mind. The doesn’t know the missing fragment exists. You are unconscious to it – in the dark. 

Unconscious content needs bringing into the light of the conscious mind. That means acquiring more information for the conscious mind to piece together.

Every time you reach a moment of self-awareness, you are one piece closer to pure bliss.

Master Mind Content offers an essential self-development program. Whether you want to overcome addiction, lose weight, or cure anxiety, our personalised self-help programs show you how to expand conscious awareness and improve your quality of life. 

Richard Oldale
Master Mind Content is a leading authority in decoding ancient symbolism . Our research unveils the secrets to understanding and taking control of the the subconscious mind, channeling energy to self-heal and effectively using universal laws to fulfil your potential.

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