Prior To Reading Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Recently, I read “Prior To Consciousness: Talks With Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj” a profoundly enlightened spiritual being born in Mumbai, India. During his life time, Maharaj wrote several books of his own including “Seeds of Consciousness” and “I Am That.”

The guru was passionate about life and his teachings are intended to sink deep into the roots of mankind and pluck out the truth of the soul buried within us. His writing is intense and somewhat confusing. Unless you are not already far enough along your spiritual journey, it is impenetrable. I must admit, there is a lot of content I do not understand yet – although I trust I am working towards it and will one day understand what Maharaj means by the Rays of the Absolute.

If you haven’t read any of Nisargadatta’s work, maybe you should, but before you decide, check out this video to determine whether this is the right time for you…I am going to wait a little longer before taking another dip.


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