Symbolism Classes

Learn To Listen To Your Inner Guide 

Follow the path to the life you want 

Ancient wisdom is valuable knowledge. And modern man needs to rediscover the Truth. The secrets to life are hidden behind esoteric symbolism, but Master Mind Content has decoded the meanings and will teach you the lessons in ways you can understand.

What you will learn from our symbology classes

Students of Master Mind Content will learn how the body-mind-energy connection works. We explain modern psychology, neuroscience, the laws of physics, consciousness and energy in layman’s terms and use ancient myth to help you visualise, understand and remember.

How can you benefit from ancient wisdom?

Ancient wisdom explains your true nature and when you understand how to work with energy you can do whatever you choose with your life. Free your mind from self-limiting beliefs and you free yourself from the burdens of fear-based emotions. Do you want to find inner peace and live a life of happiness and harmony?

Open The Gateway Of Discovery

Live a rich, fulfilling and satisfying life

Master Mind Content offers symbolism classes both online and offline. When you subscribe you will receive an in-depth class that is inspirational, informative and interesting.

But more than that, the information contained within our symbology classes open the gateway to self-discovery. You are in control of the path you walk – so why not learn how to reach your destination successfully and with confidence.

We have a selection of symbolism classes to choose from including specially customised symbology lessons. If you keep seeing the same symbol or number, get in touch and we will tell you what it means in relation to you!



Beginners Guide to symbolism

Introduction to ancient symbolism

Esoteric meaning of geometric shapes

Meanings in numbers

1-hour Skype consultation


Custom symbology class

Reveal the secrets in the symbol of your choice

Determine what is happening in your life right now

Identify where you see the symbols and when

Reveal meaning of symbols in relation to you

1-hour Skype consultation


Symbolism in business 

Symbolism in modern business

Esoteric meanings in corporate logos

Colour psychology

1-hour Skype consultation


Religious symbolism

4 Principle religious symbols decoded

One shocking secret revealed

1-hour Skype consultation


Symbolism in Mythology

A comparison of Greek, Hindu and Nordic myth

Decode hidden meaning in myth

1-hour Skype consultation


Alchemical Symbolism

Learn the meanings of Lead to Gold

7-step alchemical transformation

1-hour Skype consultation