New Study Claims That Meditating Is Good For The Gut

Ha! This Is Not New…

It's all in your headYou sometimes have to wonder whether medical researchers in western democracies are taking the piss. Other times you have to wake up to the harsh cold reality that, yes they are!

In April this year, neurologist, Suzanne O’Sullivan won the Wellcome book prize for her research exploring the connection between body and mind.

O’Sullivan’s book, ‘It’s All In The Head’ establishes that the relationship between body and mind can cause illness because of ‘separation of the conscious and the unconscious, caused by a buried trauma or emotions.’

I’m going to blow my own trumpet here: in June 2014, I published an article about depression being “All in the Mind” – two years before O’Sullivan published her book. Score! And I’m not a neuroscientist – which may explain why I wasn’t given an award or £30,000 in prize money.

So how did I know that most illnesses are caused by secretions in the brain because of how we think? Because this information has been around for thousands of years. Yet modern science treats this discovery like a revelation!

In May 2015, the Harvard Gazette published a report which announced a “new” study has revealed that “Meditation may relieve IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease).” 

The report states that “a pilot study” conducted by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital found that meditating for 30 minutes a day over nine weeks “had a significant impact on clinical symptoms.”

Notice the key words here: ‘new’ and ‘may’ and ‘pilot study’. Yet in May 2011, four years earlier, US News reported: 

Health care study on meditationThe so-called ‘new study’ isn’t as new as the examiners at Benson-Henry think. The 2011 study was reported widely enough including the global Mayo Clinic. So why is modern science repeating tests that have already been established instead of progressing them and treating patients on a wider scale?

Modern Science is Still Ignorant of Ancient Healing

O’Sullivan has 10 years of experience treating patients with psychosomatic disorders, illnesses that are said to stem from the brain; in the way, the patient thinks, their attitude towards life and their lifestyles.

Her research is clearly invaluable and a don a flat cap to modern medicine. Yet, ancient civilisations all over the world knew this thousands of years ago. Not only that, but they include this knowledge in their symbolism and myths – but let’s save that topic for another time. 

Furthermore, healers in South America such as Don Quena who I interviewed in Mexico whilst researching my book “What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations,” have been practising ancient healing traditions that date back to “primitive” cultures with no writing systems. Apparently.

You can add upteen medicinal practices in Asia, Africa and Pacific regions to that list as well. It is only scientists and medicine men in the “developed” world of the west that are thousands of years behind the times. Furthermore, the regime created by the corrupt money men behind the pharmaceutical and health industries is deluding medical practitioners into believing our ancient ancestors were too primitive to understand medicine.

The so-called ‘primitive’ sages that wrote pearls of wisdom on papyrus and stone were so much more advanced than modern medical science is prepared to admit. And despite evidence to support this, homoeopathic treatments are generally regarded as witchcraft.

Yet our ancient ancestors had a profound understanding of the relationship between body and mind that modern medicine refused to embrace. Not only did they use their knowledge to treat patients, but they can also apply the rules to prevent illness in the first place.

Ancient Healing Practices

Ancient healers did not look to cure the physical condition of their patients. They looked into the mind and spirit of their patient and established the psychological roots that caused the problem in the first place.

When I spoke with Don Quena, I asked her how the ancient healers knew which treatments to prescribe. She told me it was intuition.

“They had a very strong relationship with the plants and knew which were used for healing, which you could eat and which were poisonous. It was normal for the ancients to be attached with nature as they were in tune with the spiritual world. Living in the material world today, most of us have lost our natural instincts and have become detached from nature and ultimately ourselves.”

Ancient healing techniques are becoming more prevalent today. Acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicines have been a consistent form of treatment for thousands of years and are accepted in western society.

Other homoeopathic treatments such as Reiki, hydrotherapy, herbs and many others are used to treat illnesses such as allergies, rheumatoid arthritis and atopic dermatitis – oh and irritable bowel syndrome. This coming from an overview of homoeopathy on

The same website goes on to say that homoeopathic medicines are not suitable for more serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, but there is plenty of evidence to support there is.

Homeopathy cures cancer

It is perfectly clear that western medical institutions are paid by pharmaceutical companies to prescribe drugs that don’t work. Some medical practitioners have even claimed drugs to treat clinical illnesses like depression cause more damage than treatment.

This is not new news. Nor is the claim made Benson-Henry’s ‘new study’ that meditation may help gastronomical complaints. It has been known for many years that meditation can be used to assist the healing process for numerous illness.

The Chopra Centre, a respected medial institute established by Ayurvedic doctor Deepak Chopra, report that meditation changes your physiology and reduces stress which can have health benefits to fight:

“hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, digestive problems (a probable cause of IBS and IBD) and in the long term, immune problems and chronic disease such as cancer.”

Modern medical institutes continue to research and research meditation in so-called new studies because they claim they cannot be categorically certain that meditation works. Ask shamans and Yogis about the breath and meditation and you get a different story. This has been common knowledge for thousands of years but the authorities keep it suppressed.

Meanwhile, they continue to push drugs on us that do not work. And that is not just my opinion. It has been reported by medical practitioners and even the pharmaceutical companies themselves for over a decade:

BBC 2003

Drugs don't work bbc 2003

Independent 2008

Drugs don't work

Telegraph 2010

Prescription drugs don't work

Center for Medical Consumers 2011

Most drugs don't work

The Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University, 2013

The drugs don't work

The Guardian 2015

Ben Goldacre, pharmaceutical scandal

You will note that all these reports were published by authority sources: “Authority.” Yet the pharmaceutical scandal continues.

It’s time this bullshit was brought to an end. Pharmaceutical companies and the medical institutions they sponsor are taking the piss!

You can read my interview with Don Quena here.


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