Meditations: The Essenes Way

Meditations: The Essenes Way

Meditation is a path to transformation

The Essenes were an illuminated people that were lost to history for more than 2000 years. It was not until the discovery of the first Dead Sea Scrolls around the West Bank of the Jordan River in 1946 that this culture resurfaced.

It is believed the Essenes were a private cult. They were an ascetic Jewish sect living in remote communities detached from the distraction of bustling cities.

They also had alternative religious and spiritual views that contradicted doctrines practiced by organised religions – perhaps another reason why the Essenes kept their distance.

The Essenes were subsequently persecuted and ostracised for believing illumination comes from within.

Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph are thought to have belonged to the Essenes. Jesus, we are told, stood up to the Jewish Pharisees and berated them for their greed, corruption and illicitness. So the Pharisees killed him.

The Essenes were not limited to one religion and were certainly not fooled or persuaded by the falsehoods and empty promises of Roman politics.

They studied multiple ancient cultures and adopted a scientific view of understanding human nature. Subsequently, their writings are some of the most powerful religious texts on the planet.

Their daily practices and spiritual beliefs however, are not far removed from Christianity. They were practicing this faith at least 200 years before Christ – something the Vatican put a lid on for over 50 years.

You can find books about the deception and the Essenes way of life on the internet. I have no association with this site, but think it is useful for anybody interested in learning more about the Essenes.

Prayers of the Essenes

The Essenes understood that to keep the soul pure in this life, individuals had to question their own actions and learn from their mistakes. Some communities had strict views on hard work and celibacy, although not all.

But one thing all Essenes did share was the practice of ritual prayers on a daily basis. Below is an insight into their schedule and belief system.


Ancient Essene prayer book

History records the first day for ancient cultures was Saturday. However, since the emergence of the Dead Sea Scrolls, scholars agree that the Essenes kept a different calendar than other Jewish tribes. The first day of the week began on Wednesday. This corresponds with the God Mercury in Roman mythology who is symbolic of DNA and the transmutation of energy. Mercury is the only God that flitted between the underworld and the upper world.

It would be interesting to know if other ancient cultures also began the first day of the week on Wednesdays as well. Could Saturday be another example that history has been corrupted over the years. Plenty of ancient knowledge has been destroyed and rewritten by the victors of conquests. Interestingly enough, for the Essenes, Wednesday was the day of worship to the Sun, which corresponds with Sunday for modern religions.

Wednesday morning

I am Angel of Sun

Set your alarm early and watch the sun rise. If that is not possible, visualise it in your mind’s eye. The world around you is bathed in light and colour, you feel the warmth on your skin. Listen to the birds singing.

Imagine a fire glowing in the centre of your body giving you warmth and life vitality, and say “Angel of the Sun, give the fire of life to my whole body.” Let the fire glow over every part of your body and heal it.

Wednesday noon

Peace with the family

Let go of any hurt or resentment your family has caused you in the past and find it in your heart to forgive them. Only by doing this will you find peace in yourself and peace in the family home.

Wednesday evening is the time to sit round with your family to discuss the things that have annoyed them and seek forgiveness from others. This is an opportunity to learn more about yourself and forge close bonds with your family unit.

If you do not have a family, you could try this exercise with friends of the same ilk or just do it on your own and forgive family and friends that have caused you distress over the past week.

Wednesday evening

I am the Angel of Love

For good in your life to manifest you need love. This can come easily to some, and for others it is difficult. You first need to learn how to love yourself so that you can send energy filled with love into the ether.

The love you give is the love you receive. And love starts with yourself. Speak to yourself with affection and encouragement, and appreciate all the things you do well.

Then think of someone you know, a person who is not close to you. It should be someone you know to speak with and neither like or dislike. Ideally it should be someone of the same sex and similar age.

Try to visually recall how the person looks in your mind’s eye and as the image appears allow yourself to be filled with a warm feeling. This may take a while to master but keep with it and you will reap the rewards.

The most difficult part is the fourth stage where you repeat the exercise above, but with someone you do not like. Once you can do that you will find yourself at peace with humanity and everything in your life.

Thursday morning

“I am an Angel of Water”

Water washes away pain and helps you flow from one experience in a day into another.


Visualise water

Visualise a body of water that makes you feel calm, a still mountain lake or trickling stream in the woods. Imagine floating on the body of water and let yourself go, see where the water takes you in your mind’s eye.

After your meditation, take a shower and take a moment to be still and ask the Angel of Water to wash away all your worries and cleanse your body.

Thursday noon

“I am at peace with mind”

Our thoughts are very powerful and affect our lives more than we realise. Modern day physiologists have connected many illnesses and diseases are caused by negative thinking.

When we are stressed and have negative thoughts, the brain secretes toxic chemicals into the body which then causes illness and disease.

Finding peace in your mind keeps the body healthy as well and has a knock on effect with the people around you and the planetary body of thinking as a whole.

Contemplate how you can put the practices of love, healing and helping others into your life and they will be returned to you in abundance.

Thursday evening

“I am the Angel of Wisdom”

The evening prayer is to ask the your higher conscious for wisdom to bring forth the clarity of truth behind the unknown and unseen forces of your weekly meditation.

This is a time when you need to remove all barriers of fear; expel doubts, dismiss wrong intentions and unblock any disharmony.

We are talking here to the higher consciousness that manifests your desires in the real world, but they will only manifest when you learn to let go of fear and doubt. Trust in the Natural Laws of the Universe.

Friday morning

“I am the Angel of Air”

As you breathe think of the air that fills your lungs as the vital life force. Watch the air going in and out of your body by watching the gentle ebb and flow of your stomach.

Do not force your breathing by taking in deep breaths, just let it flow naturally. When you inhale, imagine the air is the energy of all things you need to function. With every exhalation, breathe out your troubles and worries.

Friday noon

“I am at peace with the body”

Your body performs miracles every day. The functioning of the cells and organs is still being investigated even in today’s advanced knowledge of science and the human body.

Your body is the vehicle which allows you to do the things you think of. Remember this as you harmonise with your body and bring it into balance with your mind and soul.

Friday night

“The Heavenly Father and I are One”

Rituals for the Essene began at midnight on a Friday evening. Essentially this is Saturday, which is still considered the first day of the week. The Essenes paid their respects to the ‘Cosmic Divinity’. They understood there is no separation between the physical body and the astral body.

Everybody has a higher consciousness. Euripides wrote “in the mind of each of us is a God.” Once you come to realise this you will learn to trust your instinct and your heart. Hold this thought in your heart in the earliest hours of the first day.

Saturday morning

“The Earthly Mother and I are One

She gives the food of Life to my whole body”

Upon waking on Saturday morning, take a few moments to lay in bed and contemplate the energy of Mother Earth, how she is able to regenerate, nurture and grow.

Whatever life cycles you experience in your life are a regeneration process which you must nurture and help grow. Whatever you need to learn, you will learn through the wisdom of your unconscious mind.

If possible at any time in the day, appreciate the flowers, herbs, trees and grass of Mother Nature. Spare a thought of thanks for everybody that works with nature to produce food and help eco-systems to survive and thrive.

Saturday noon

“I am at peace with the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father”

There is yearning for peace in us all. At certain points in our life and learning, we have to learn to control our emotions and thoughts. Once mastered you will centre yourself and find inner peace.

We are made of energy and it is learning how to command your flow of energy that helps you find inner peace. If you are used to meditating, you should be able to do this by switching off the chatter.

Saturday evening

“I am Eternal Life”

Life and death is a continual process of transformation that never ends. Our souls purpose is to unite with Life Eternal and realise we have limitless power, absolute harmony and eternal duration.

The black destructive forces of authority that want to control us, need us to believe we are powerless. They strive to make us live in fear. This is why so many people suffer from stress and anxiety.


Peace in meditation

We need to relieve ourselves of fear and bring more light into the world. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said: “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.”

Although the seeds of fear are planted externally by the media etcetera, the actual fear is created by your own mind.

Ask yourself the questions below in your head and say the answers out loud.

Q: What do I have to fear?

A: I have nothing to fear.

Repeat this several times until you really start to believe it. It may take some time, but will eventually make you mentally and biologically stronger.

Now ask yourself

Q: What it is that I fear?

Answer honestly and create an image in your mind that you associate with fear. Take the image and freeze it in your mind, then picture it melting away in the fire.

Repeat. “I have nothing to fear!”

Sunday morning

“Angel of Earth

Regeneration of new life”

Our lives move in cycles, both on an internal level and externally. You are aware of when you begin a new stage in your waking life, the start of an education, the process of study, a new job, a new relationship, the decision you have to make when you come to a crossroads.

Preparing a plan on paper makes your desires stronger and serves as a reminder for you to refer to from time to time. You can do this more effectively and more powerfully by understanding how to manifest your desires.

But we also have cycles of change internally, both in terms of health and in terms of spiritual growth. Oftentimes we are aware of neither.

Health problems will manifest in different forms that can be diagnosed and treated. Becoming conscious of your transformation will come when you have a realisation or epiphany.

The voice you occasionally hear coming up with new ideas in your head is your Higher Self passing on a message. Most times this comes as a thought. Take notice of your Higher Self. Become consciously aware so you know which messages to accept and which to dismiss.

Most thoughts you have come from the sub-conscious mind which feeds your animal instincts. Sometimes you have to ignore this voice. The sub-conscious is not always your friend.

Thoughts are the Life Force that give you the potential to create new things. Just as sexual energy creates new life, spiritual energy can also be used to create new things in your life.

We must first empty ourselves of pre-conceived notions, judgement, and other earthly concepts, and let the space they fill in your mind be replaced with acceptance, love and happiness.

Before your desires can become reality in the real world, they must first become a fixture in your mind, heart and actions.

Sunday noon

“I am at peace with The Kingdom of Mother Earth”

There is an inter-relationship between all living creatures human, animal, plant, mineral – and most importantly the unseen forces. The health of one affects the other as we belong to the same cosmic eco-system.

Unless man is at peace with his surroundings, he cannot find peace and health within himself. The Essenes said, “To obtain the treasures of the material world, do not forget the word of the Law.”


Find your true nature in meditation

In other words, we must respect nature because we are part of nature. Our emotions transcend into the eco-system. When you send negative energies, bad things continue to happen – when you send positive energies, good things happen.

Sunday evening

“I am an Angel of Creative Work”

The focus of our creative work is to contemplate the things we need to do in order to obtain our goals. These ideas will enable you to sit down and write a plan of what you need to do and place them in an order of priority.

Monday Morning

“Angel of Life, enter my life and give strength to my whole body.”

Repeat this mantra whilst meditating and feel the energy entering your body through your feet and moving up into your ankles.

Keep repeating the mantra slowly as you breathe and feel energy creep up your legs and into your torso and abdomen. Pull the energy up into your chest and feel the warmth fill your heart, and you become deeply aware of all the precious things of the earth. Now you can safely send love and light to the whole world.

Monday noon

“I am an Angel of Peace”

There will always be moments in your daily life when you need to find inner peace. This part of the meditation will help program your mind to remember this feeling. Take time to have a moments rest, take a breath and repeat the word “peace” over and over.

Tuesday morning

I am an Angel of Joy

The Angel of joy brings harmony with her beauty. Imagine a peaceful setting. Landscapes work well such as a paradise island, mountain lake or flowery meadow. Finding a peaceful place you can go near your home works well for this meditation as returning to your idyllic spot brings peace and joy to you.


Flowers in meadow

Whilst waking on Tuesday mornings take time to imagine you are in your peaceful spot. By picturing your perfect place in your mind’s eye, imagine the light filling you with health and vitality.

Tuesday noon

“I am at peace with humanity”

You are one with humanity, interconnected with the great architecture of nature. Share the peace and love you have for yourself with all those around you.

Forgive your fellow man for the things they do and the things they say that annoy and upset you. Take it in your stride and accept that others are different, and what works for you may not work for them.

Think of all the things people have done this week to annoy you. Picture them in your mind and forgive them. The more you are at peace with the world and the people in it, the more peace you will find in the world.


Transforming your mental make-up from state a of chaos to state of peace, brings bliss and harmony to your inner world, and thus your outer world. What you manifest in your life comes from within. The Essenes understood this thousands of years ago.

You can learn it today.

Contact Master Mind Content and ask us about how our online meditation classes. We can help you find inner peace and manifest a state of harmony in all aspects of your life.

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