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Meditation is your gateway to a better future. You don’t have to sit in the traditional lotus posture to benefit from the positive effects of meditation.  The best way to meditate is in a position that is most comfortable for you.

Benefit From Meditation

Master Mind Content teaches you a variety of meditation techniques so you can explore the methods that benefit you the most. We are under no illusion there is more than one path to reach the same goal.

Fulfil Your Potential

Our sessions are suitable for meditators of all levels and tailored specifically to satisfy your intention. Whatever you want to achieve from your meditation practice, Master Mind Content wants to help you get there.

Benefits of Meditation

Why Master Mind Content?

 Our only agenda is to help you succeed

Master Mind Content uses a variety of meditation techniques that have been passed down through thousands of generations by ancient Masters. But of course, anybody can teach you the basics.

Experiment and discover

What makes Master Mind Content different is we provide you with a range of meditation tools so that you can experiment and determine which techniques benefit you the most.

Learn effective meditations

When you join a meditation session with Master Mind Content, you will learn a variety of breathing exercises, self-hypnosis techniques, and how to use the mind in meditation to create and explore your inner world – and fuel your inner power!

Master Mind Content Meditation Sessions

Beginners Guide To Meditation

Our beginner’s meditation session is ideal for anyone that is curious about trying meditation and wants to learn how to do it properly, or for people that have tried meditation before but have not gained any benefits from it.

Learning to meditate by yourself can be difficult at first. There are not many sources that accurately describe what you need to do. It helps to have a teacher. Furthermore, you have to find a meditation practice that works best for you.

Master Mind Content has a variety of meditation techniques and breathing exercises for you to try. We also take you through several guided meditations and can customise them so they are unique to you. Guided meditations are optional of course.

*We recommend starting with three sessions and taking it from there.

What you can expect from the Master Mind Content meditation for beginners:

  • Understand and experience meditation

  • Learn three breathing exercises

  • Learn how to focus your attention

  • Explore guided meditations

  • 1-hour online or 1-on-1 sessions

  • Free meditation pdf

  • £30/$35

Meditation For Healing Emotional Wounds

Meditation is a great way to explore your body and mind and dig out the emotional wounds that are holding you back. Everybody suffers from suppressed emotions we develop as a child and these can have a negative impact on our experiences as an adult.

Master Mind Content shows you how to identify emotional wounds using various techniques. Then we show you how to remove the emotional scars and replace them with positive and healthy thoughts so you can move forward with your life.

What you can expect from the Master Mind Content Emotional Wounds Meditation:

  • Self-analysis to identify blocked energies

  • Open, activate and balance chakras

  • Release blocked emotions

  • Install positive qualities

  • 1-hour online or 1-on-1 sessions

  • Free mediation pdf

  • £30/$35

Meditation For Self-Development

As you move through life, the subconscious mind is programmed with certain modalities. These programs are social conditioning that, unfortunately, do not work in your favour. Oftentimes, social norms do not help us to approach life with a balanced mind.

Everything that goes wrong in your life is because of the energies you channel. You create your reality through thoughts, emotions and actions. The good news is that thoughts, emotions and actions can be observed in meditation whereby you can identify what you are doing to create the experiences you have.

Master Mind Content shows you how to identify subconscious programs and reprogram unhealthy thoughts and actions so that you can effectively change the fortune you experience. There is no such thing as good luck and bad luck, just good energy and bad energy. You will not regret learning how to change your life through meditation.

What you can expect from the Master Mind Content self-improvement meditation:

  • Self-analysis to identify unhealthy programs

  • Identify and release blocked emotions

  • Identify negative energies

  • Reprogram subconscious

  • 1-hour online or 1-on-1 sessions

  • Free meditation pdf

  • £30/$35/

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