Master Services

It wasn’t the thought that was compelling, it was the feeling that accompanies it; at that very moment, my body completely drained of all tension and a strange feeling of weightlessness washed over me.

Symbolism Courses

Esoteric symbolism lifts the veil of illusion and reveals the secrets to life. When you understand how ancient symbolism works, you have the power to reprogram self-defeating belief systems and bad habits that do not serve you. Subsequently, you improve your quality of life.

Self Development

The goal of self-development is to discover your true nature and find inner peace. This requires a balance of material needs and personal growth in accordance with the 12 universal laws. Because you cannot cheat the laws. Once you know how the law of nature affect your life.

Anxiety and Depression

If you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or similar stress-related illnesses, I know how you feel. I suffered from chronic anxiety for over 20 years before my body said that was enough and went into a panic. But by studying ancient wisdom and practising meditation I found a cure for anxiety.

Stress Management

Stress is a worldwide pandemic. A study by Bupa revealed one in four people suffer from stress and one in 13 suffer from anxiety. The likelihood is this figure is much higher – most people don’t even realise they’re suffering from stress!

Chakra Healing

Opening and balancing your chakras is one of the most powerful holistic healing treatments we know of. When the chakras are balanced, you feel revitalised, happy and ready to tackle anything. And all it takes is to focus your attention and work with your own energy.


Reiki healing uses the intelligence of the unconscious mind to eliminate emotional blockages so your energy circulates more freely. When your energy is free-flowing, your body and mind feel less stress and tension. Master Mind Content offers excellent reiki services in Doncaster, UK that is proven to help the process and physical and emotional healing.