Just In: Alpine Wins Best Virginia Beach Chiropractic Award!

There has been much advancement in the medical field in recent years. Conditions that never had a cure before are slowly but surely gaining more and more ways to be managed – even cured, in several cases. Anyway, it’s very commendable how far science and technology has gone in terms of medicine and very sure that there will be many more accomplishments in the future. 

Despite of all these medical achievements, however, there are also many respectable advances in the field of alternative medicine (check this out). There have been practices involving non-chemical methods that deliver amazing results as well. If you’ve ever been interested in physical therapy, you must have heard about the emergence of chiropractic methods in recent years! They’re definitely making the front pages – literally. 

Just recently, Alpine Health Center bagged the Best Chiropractic Award in Virginia Beach. If you leave anywhere near Virginia, you must’ve heard of this promising health facility already. If not, then it’s about time you pay them a visit!

But in order for you to understand the magnanimity of this award, I guess it would be proper to introduce you to the chiropractic method first. And while we’re at it, let’s get to know who chiropractors are too!

Who Are Chiropractors?

Some people like to call them “spine experts” typically because most chiropractic treatments are administered on the spinal column. However, in general, chiropractic is a type of alternative medicine that deals with the musculoskeletal system – the correction of which, that is. Read more about it here: https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/guide/chiropractic-pain-relief.

You see, your bones may not be broken but they can be maligned. In other words, they’re not positioned correctly or they have come to assume irregular positioning overtime. For example, working in front of a desk everyday, slouching for the most time, or sleeping with the wrong posture can make your spinal structure terrible. Without you noticing it, it starts to affect your movements, actions, and even the condition of some of your organs. Chiropractic is a modern-day alternative medicine that deals with the correction of these spinal and skeletal anomalies. They help realign your musculoskeletal system to relieve your body from the stress these irregularities cause.

A chiropractor is the official title given to any person who is seriously pursuing and perfecting the chiropractic method. In this video, you will see a man trying to correct the misalignment of his patient’s spine. You can see that the irregularity is somewhere in the upper columns. The cracking sound you may hear is due to bones being put into proper position. This does not hurt the patient in any way. In fact, a sense of relief follows immediately after a procedure. If you are to undergo chiropractic therapy, you’ll experience first-hand how it feels to unburden the stress from your shoulders – quite literally, at that!

Although very remarkable, many people are still wary of this corrective procedure. But I think it’s mainly due to the “cracking sounds” they hear in documented therapies. I could relate to the exact same feeling before I experienced it myself. Those cracks can definitely send chills down your spine. However, after my first therapy, my doubts began to dissipate. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. In fact, it’s a feeling you would want to experience over and over again. 

If you have been feeling persistent back pain or feel troubled by spinal pressures, then maybe it’s high time you consider seeing a professional chiropractor. It could be that you have irregularities in your spine too. If you’re anywhere near Virginia Beach and looking for a Virginia Beach Chiropractor, then you should pay Alpine Health Center too. They’re not ranked number one for no reason, you know!

Alternative medicine like acupuncture has been around for centuries – and we keep on discovering new methods like chiropractic right here. If you have no qualms getting injections and taking oral medications, then why not give these treatments a try? They’re natural, effective, and they do not have many side effects. They’re definitely worth a shot!


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