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The Hindu Science of Yogic Breathing

Yogic breathing exercises have been practised in India and further afield for thousands of years. Deep breathing is known to improve the efficiency of oxygen exchange in a way that…

noble eightfold path
Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Noble Eightfold Path in Buddhism

 When Siddhartha Buddha emerged from his moment of enlightenment he realised there were four noble truths of suffering, of which, the final truth incorporates the Noble Eightfold Path. Also known…

14 lokas of hindu mythology
Hindu Symbolism Self-Development World Mythology

What’s Your State of Mind? The Esoteric Meaning of the 14 Lokas in Hindu Mythology

In an earlier article, titled “What are the Lokas in Hindu Mythology”, I explained how the esoteric…

Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Three Jewels of Buddhism in Everyday Life

Before you can be formally recognised as a Buddhist, initiates are encouraged to “take refuge”…

Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Symbolic Meaning of the Victory Banner in Buddhism

The victory banner is a symbol in Tibetan Buddhism that celebrates enlightenment. More precisely it…

Buddhist Symbolism Self-Development

The Symbolic Meaning of the Treasure Vase in Buddhism

Today the vase is typically used to collect money, thus alludes to material wealth. However,….