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Chakra Meditation
Chakras Energy Healing Meditation

10-Minute Chakra Meditation (brief version)

This 10-minute chakra meditation will take you through the seven energy centres of the eastern chakra system. The goal is to open your chakras, but you can use it to…

Chakra opening meditation
Chakras Energy Healing Meditation

10-Minute Meditation to Open Your Chakras

This is a very simple meditation to open your chakras. You can perform it in as little as ten minutes. If you’re new to meditation, practice this chakra opening ritual…

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Guide To Meditation: What To Expect And What To Do

New meditators can often struggle with meditation. I certainly know I did when I first tried…

Meditation Mindfulness

Understanding Mindfulness Meditation

There is a misconception about mindfulness meditation. It seems to have become a buzzword and…