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Jung's anima archetype
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The Anima Archetype: The Woman in Men

The anima archetype plays a central role in the psychological development of a man. She represents the “True Self” and possesses the secret knowledge of the unconscious which ultimately serves…

Mother Complex
Decoded Symbolism Psychology Self-Development

The Mother Complex

According to the psychoanalysts, Carl Jung, the root of every psychological complex has an archetype at its centre. The mother complex can be one of the most disruptive entities in…

Christian Symbolism Decoded Symbolism

All You Need Is Love: The Missing Emotion of The Holy Trinity

I once gave a talk about interpreting ancient symbolism to the American International Women’s…

Alchemy Decoded Symbolism Energy Healing

The 12 Universal Laws of Nature

If scientists and religious leaders ever came together to agree on one principle, it would be that…