Sleeping Buddha

Interpreting Dreams: Messages From The Soul

When I was a boy, maybe five or six years old, I would have a reoccurring dream of being chased by crocodiles in a small lake near to where I lived. Another repeating dream I had around the same time

Corpse unearthed at Chauchilla Cemetery in Nazca Pery

The Mummified Corpses in Chauchilla Cemetery, Nazca

The road to Chauchilla Cemetery is straddled with fields packed with cactus. The land is arid and dusty. With the car windows rolled up, the heat is as hot as a clay-oven. Raymond, my guide, explains the cacti we see

Temple at Caral

Peru Mysteries: Caral Rewrites the History Books

Archaeological evidence continues to surface and change the course of history as told by mainstream scientists; that is to say, it goes against the grain of what historians believe is true based on evidence dug up from the past. A

Cahuachi Pyramids, Nazca, Peru

Undiscovered Peru: Cahuachi Pyramids

The Cahuachi Pyramids in the Nasca plateau are thought to be the remains of the most important settlement in Nasca culture. Believed to have been built around 2000 years ago and spanning 370 acres of sandy waste ground, the former

Ancient legends of Lake Titicaca

Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol

 Richard Oldale   2 Comments

The Isla del Sol (The Sun Island) was not on my original itinerary. I’d briefly researched the island and Copacabana and decided against it. It was Eve who changed my mind, an English woman living in Bolivia I met on

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