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Benefits of Using a Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

By Guest,
July 8, 2021

The heart is probably the principal organ in the body. Other organs are also important but they may not cause immediate death. With good medical attention, they may be restored or managed. The moment the heart stops working, a person dies.

For this reason, taking good care of it is essential. Monitoring your heart rate regularly is a way to do this. It helps to ensure that it beats at a good rate. 

The beat rate of the heart is the number of times that it beats in a minute. This is referred to as pulse and it varies from one individual to another. It is usually lower when a person is resting but during times of activities like exercising, it is much higher.

Asides from exercising, things such as your current emotions, standing up, weather and medications may affect it. Other factors that may affect it include your body size and if you take nicotine or caffeine. You can read about this here.

An average resting heart rate is around 60 to 100 beats in a minute. The most ideal time to measure this is when you just awaken from sleep. This is before you begin moving about or before taking any form of caffeine.

Monitoring Your Heart Rate

There are several ways to monitor your pulse. This can be done by placing two fingers on the neck and pressing it lightly until you begin to feel the pulse. You may not feel this immediately and you may have to move your fingers over parts of your neck to do so.

After feeling the pulse, you should look at a watch to ascertain the number of times it beats within a minute. Alternatively, you may count the number of beats for ten seconds and multiply this by six. Asides from the neck, there are other parts of the body that you can easily check your pulse. These include the insides of the elbow, wrists as well as the feet.

Rather than using the above method, you can use a heart rate monitor. These are devices that are typically used to measure a person’s pulse. This is done in real-time or if you want, for further examination. This device is utilized to get data related to a person’s heart rate especially when they are performing physical exercises.

Monitoring devices used in hospitals are usually wired and typically come with several sensors. However, there are portable ones that are wireless and designed for day-to-day use. Advancements in technology have also made them easily accessible 

You can get a monitor strapped to your chest and this will send data to your mobile phone. There are also some that you can wear on your wrist like smartwatches. A wearable heart rate monitor makes it quite easy to monitor your pulse and many people use that instead these days.

Why Use a Wearable Heart Monitor?

Wearable monitors are more accurate and help you to get the right data. They are useful during periods when you are active. You will not need to concentrate on a watch or count the pulse by yourself. This means they can monitor your pulse at different times in the day, record and store it in the cloud. With this, you can refer to it much later.

Additionally, your doctor can get real-time notifications and access all your stored data if any problem is detected. If you are on medications, these records will help your physician know if the treatment is effective.

Monitoring your pulse also helps you to figure out an exercise program that will work for you. You can also do all your normal daily activities with it including activities such as swimming and jogging.

If you do notice that your resting heart rate is high, you can lower this through lifestyle changes. This includes eating right and exercising. You should as well stop smoking if you do and take time to rest, meditate and relax.


Your heart is a precious organ and you should treat it as such. That means you should do all that you can to protect it. Regular monitoring helps to know its performance and if you need to take steps to improve this.

You can easily do this by using a heart rate monitor. Even more helpful is a wearable one that you can have on you all day.

Richard Oldale
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