The Andean Cross All Over the World

When History Meets Evidence The Story Falls Apart

There’s a famous story told in history books. You’ve probably heard about it; but what you’ve heard isn’t true.

The story is about an Italian guy called Cristobal Colon who was sponsored by the Spanish Royal family from money they were paid by wealthy merchants to travel across the Atlantic “to find the end of the world.”

In those days, people apparently believed the earth was flat! Can you imagine?

It turns out this Cristobal Colon chap was a nasty piece of work. You probably know him better as Christopher Columbus. He changed his name so he wasn’t persecuted when he got back to Europe.

You see, Columbus found land and not the end of the earth, and that land was populated by an intelligent race of people that were more technologically and spiritually advanced than Europeans.

So the Europeans killed them. With the help of the God-fearing Jesuits, who also destroyed their books and claiming it was the work of the Devil. History records Andean cultures had no writing.

The people the Europeans didn’t kill were taken as slaves and whipped whilst they mined precious metals out the ground until they were almost dead.

The Jesuits forced the Indians to change their religious beliefs and forced them to convert to Christianity – a righteous religion that cared for humanity. And this in spite of killing millions of people that did not agree.

If the native of South America did not do convert to Christianity, they were flogged and tortured, sometimes in public. And so South America is now predominantly Catholic and the traditional cultures buried in the lies of historical records

Yet this Christopher Columbus fella and his murderous band of Christian Jesuits are hailed as heroes in modern times. For they discovered a new world and converted it for the good of humanity.

This is what history tells us despite evidence of other cultures from around the world had visited the Americas centuries before the “discovery” of Europe.

The Andean Cross

There is an ever-growing body of evidence to show that peoples from Asia, Africa and the Pacific travelled to the Americas long before Columbus and his band of criminals that murdered, raped and pillaged the natives.

The reason these lies lasted so long is because of the subjugation of information that is kept under wraps by the authorities that paid said criminals to pillage and scourge a land that would make them more money.

Do you realise the descendants of these same people are still in power and continue to suppress this information? Yes, they do. They have continued with this charade for centuries and keep up the façade they tell us is a real account of history.

Except in their history books, Columbus is a hero and not a villain.

When I was in South America, I came across a widely used symbol – the Andean Cross, sometimes called the Inca Cross by dim-witted historians that do not realise the symbol was used thousands of years before the Inca existed.

Furthermore, the same symbol is used all around the world, so should not actually be called the Andean Cross which derives its name from the Andean region.

Here is the Andean Cross on ancient sites in Peru.

bano del nuestra, ollantaytambo, peru

And here it is on a Maya stela in Mexico

Andean cross on a stella in Mexico

Again in a Christian Church in Italy

Andean Cross Italy

And in a Buddhist Temple in Laos, South-East Asia

Andean Cross, Laos

If cultures from the West and Eastern hemispheres did not know the other existed until Europe (apparently) connected the  dots, then why are they using the same symbols? The argument the Americas were discovered before the church in Italy and Laos is weak, as it still does not account for why existing cultures “borrowed” symbolism from another culture.

There is another explanation other than history is a lie. The collective unconscious. But most people don’t believe there is a cosmic intelligence that connects us all and allows us to share ideas that float in the ether by way of telepathy.

Yet, this is a phenomenon that does seem to carry some truth. Throughout the centuries this same phenomenon has had many names, Plato called it ‘innate ideas’, Edgar Cayce called it the Akashic Records, Rupert Sheldrake calls it the Electromagnetic Resonance Field. It is the cosmic intelligence ancient wisdom speaks about.

I also found the Andean Cross in India, but am not allowed to publish images of India – by orders of the Indian Government. There is no freedom of speech, only the suppression of information!

Just some food for thought, but do your own research. You could start with this video. And read my book – links below.

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